10 Pet Friendly Hotels

September 14, 2011
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Recently, the travel planning website, Tripadvisor, released a list of the top 10 pet friendly hotels to stay at when traveling. The results are based on user reviews that have stayed at various places and use the site to help plan and purchase package deals.

Looking for a place to stay with your furry friend that will pamper them a little and offer some services? Then try staying at one of these places the next time you’re on the road.

1: Affinia Dumont – located in NYC the hotel boasts having dog beds, treats, and a pet psychic in case your pet just needs someone to talk to. Rates range from $200 to $650 and require that all animals staying are up to date with vaccines.

2: Hotel Monaco – if you’re going to be in Portland, Or and need a hotel that will cater to your pet and you, this could be the place. They have many amenities for your pet including pet bowls and a personal greeting on the welcome board for each pet that comes to their hotel. Rates range from $125 to $350. Check with the hotel about their pet policy before booking.

3: Ocean Park Resort – going on a trip to Myrtle Beach? Taking your pup? Book a room here and your pet will get some TLC. Check the hotel’s pet policy before booking. Rates range from $55 to $150 with an additional $15 pet fee.

4: Palomar Washington – in Washington, D.C. your pet can be pampered and loved. Get him a pet pedicure, a pet bed of their own to lay on, and come to the happy hour/yappy hour where dogs can hang out in a lounge called “The Dish.” Rates range from $180 to $560.

5: A Laughing Horse Lodge – these beach cottages located in Port Aransas, TX offer dog treats and collars for your dog to wear while you’re there that read, “Return me to Laughing Horse Lodge” in case they lost. Rates range from $58 to $240.

6: The Paw House Inn – does your dog need her own pet bed? Need an off-leash dog park that’s near by? The Paw House Inn in West Rutland Vermont has a dog park as their backyard! There are also hiking trails and the inn provides homemade dog treats. Rates range from $135 to $255.

7: Carmel Country Inn – located Carmel, Ca is a bed and breakfast that provides treats for your pup and will also take a pic and display her on their board in the lobby as a “VIP.” Rates range from $195 to $395.

8: Hotel Marlowe – there are no size or weight restrictions at this hotel in Cambrdige, MA. They offer a package for dogs that includes a fuzzy blanket, gourmet treats, and scratching post for your kitty. Rates range from $204 to $490.

9: La Quinta Inn – staying in Valdosta, GA the LaQuinta Inn has a pet area and there’s no extra pet fee to have your buddy with you on your trip. Rates range from $89 to $128.

10: Cypress Inn – located in Carmel, Ca this inn has a doggie menu and yappy hours for your dog. Rates range from $150 to $575.


3 Responses to “10 Pet Friendly Hotels”

  1. DC Millwater says:

    Thanks! Always appreciate being updated on these things!
    Where can we find the pet owners reviews of ‘Pet Friendly’ motels? That would be very helpful in keeping informed.
    DO check first with the hotel/motel. We had stayed many times at a Quality Suite at the S. end of Ocean City and they {were} wonderful! Doggy treats, wipes and ‘duty bags’ supplied. Very polite.
    However, they must have changed policy or changed management. When we were there the day after Labor Day, they were barely tolerant of our well behaved, well trained Border Collie. They also refused to give us a ‘regular’ room, and stuck us in a filthy, stained carpeted, moldy room in the back with a giant FAN blowing the dampness down the hall right outside our door that we had to squeeze past every time we wanted to enter/exit the room. WWhen we complained, they would not change our room BECAUSE of our dog! At least half the place was empty, so availability was not an issue.
    This is NO reflection on all Quality Inns and Suites, but in this particular one, Dogs are persona non grata no matter what the ‘ads’ say.

  2. Mjelley says:

    Recently, we traveled over a weekend from CT to MA then on to New Hampshire, back to Boston and finally RI. My husband travels on business so we were able to stay each night on his accumulated points. We found only one hotel chain that did NOT charge us to have our small JRT with us – La Quinta. The “pet sanitation fee” charges are getting outrageous especially considering that our dog is small, crate trained and housebroken. My husband travels 3 weeks out of 4 per month and he will be switching to La Quinta even when traveling without our pet.

  3. mary says:

    We have found the LaQuinta chain to be one of the best for traveling with pets.

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