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Green Pet Tip: Keep Cats Inside


While there is nothing more fun than to pet a cat while taking a walk around or sitting in the yard with your fuzzy buddy on your lap, there are reasons to keep your cat inside. Aside from parasites, drinking stale water and becoming ill, or the dangers of cars and mean people, cats that [...]

Clay Litter: Concerns and Alternatives


I have always had a pet cat and right now I have two cats. When I was a kid the litter was the hard, rocky, whitish clay litter that was common to use. It came in a thick paper bag and had suggestions for other uses such as pouring over oil spills in a garage [...]

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl

This Sunday is the Superbowl and if you’re not a football person, it’s also the Puppy Bowl. We’ve probably all have seen clips of the Puppy Bowl and watched a few minutes here and there. It’s not as exciting or dramatic as other sports but it’s hysterical. For the past 8 years, Animal Planet has [...]

Top 6 Most Reported Poison Dangers for Dogs


The Pet Poison Hotline recently reported their list of the top emergency phone calls they received in 2011. On that list were potential poisons that homeowners have in their house that their pets somehow got into, ingested, or were exposed to. We never realize just how curious, nosy, and dangerous some of the things we [...]

12 Fun Cat Facts


Cats are great pets. They can be silly, cute, and are great cuddlers on cold nights. They also have amazing abilities to jump more than twice their height and their vision in the dark exceeds ours. Cats have a lot of interesting biological, behavioral, and historical facts that many of us may not know. After [...]

Achoo! Signs That Your Cat Has A Cold


Sneezing, sniffles, and coughing are signs that your cat might have a cold. Yes, cats catch colds too. It’s known in the veterinary world as a feline upper respiratory infection and is quite common among cats that are indoor/outdoor. Most colds will last about 7 to 12 days and are usually not too serious. The [...]

Human Foods That Cats Can Eat

Dogs are always curious what we are eating and if you have cats, you know they are too. Making food sometimes means you draw a crowd of little furry friends who sniff the air and stare at you and the stove wondering what smells so good. It can be hard to resist giving your cat [...]

Win a Portrait of Your Pet! CEO, Smudge Kingsley, has been toying with the idea of immortality. Of capturing his esteemed legacy. Let’s face it, we all do at one time or another. But now that he’s 42 in people years–and in just one more year will be 49 (Yikes! What’s that about?…)–he thought he’d better get on the stick [...]

Senior Cat Tips

I brought my cats to the vet yesterday. They are 14 years old and needed an annual checkup. Because of their age, I also had a blood test done for both of them and the results came back today. One of my cats has a hyperthyroid, which explains why she had started losing weight this [...]

Benefits of Adopting a Senior Cat

Senior cats tend to be overlooked when people are looking to adopt. Kittens are fun and incredibly cute, young adult cats are playful, and silly, and many people tend to believe that older cats won’t be as active or silly as their younger counterparts. However, there are many reasons to think about adopting an older [...]

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