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Fall Travel With Pets

Fall is easily the most packed holiday season in the United States – the weather is reliably cooler and the kids are back in school, Labor day, Halloween, Columbus day, Veterans day, Thanksgiving, and sometimes even Hanukkah, all start in Fall. Meaning there is a lot of planning of family trips, get togethers, and shopping. [...]

Cat People vs. Dog People: Study Reveals Preferences Relate To Your Personality


Are you a cat or a dog person? Are you both? Perhaps you don’t like either one. Research done by the University of Texas found that those who define themselves as dog people are more extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious than cat people. In a recent article published by Mother Nature Network several other personality traits [...]

AVMA Survey Shows A Decline in Pet Ownership

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) released a sneak preview of their demographic sourcebook of pets at their 2012 convention. The sourcebook isn’t expected to be released until the fall in its entirety. However, the information collected about pet trends and ownership revealed that there has been a slight decline in pet ownership over the [...]

Three Ways Pets Lessen Depression

As all of us pet lovers know, pets can reduce stress from our day to day routines and keep us active. Walking a dog everyday, playing with a cat, and having fish can all improve our health. But what about when it comes to mood? We can all remember moments when we were upset or [...]

Game Review: iPad Game For Cats Leaves Room For Improvement


I was browsing the app store one night and came across Game For Cats by Hiccup. After reading a few of the comments and looking at the screenshots I decided to download the free version on my iPad and see if my two cats would like it. The game is designed specifically to amuse cats. [...]

Lennox, the lab-pitbull mix, euthanized after 2 year fight

This morning my twitter feed was loaded with tweets regarding Lennox, a dog who had become the focus of animal welfare advocates around the world in the last several months. He was euthanized due to his genetic makeup this morning. I found out shortly before 10am PST. Lennox was part black lab and part pitbull. [...]

Dog Dust Can Be Beneficial To Your Health


A few weeks ago, I read an article about allergies and it mentioned that sometimes pets are allergic to human dander. I wondered how often that is discovered to be the cause of a pet’s sneezing, runny eyes, and other symptoms when we have so many allergens around us. I also wondered if I should [...]

Online “Pet Stores” – 4 Scams to Watch Out For

A few months ago we told you about what you can do to support the ending of puppy mills and raise awareness of how to find a good breeder. Pet stores in many states are slowly feeling the pressure to stop selling animals like they are objects. Some states are taking action and passing laws [...]

Dog Health 101: Leptospirosis


Leptospirosis—commonly referred to as “lepto” by veterinarians, is a flu-like disease that affects pets, particularly dogs. If not treated in time, the disease can become deadly. Lepto is a spiral-shaped bacterium that spreads through contact with an infected wild or domestic animal’s urine.  In the bacteria are several different strains or types of leptospira that can [...]

Take Your Dog To Work Day: June 22, 2012


Have a dog? Have a job? Whew, good for you. Celebrate these two facts by taking your dog to work on Friday June 22. Check with your company to see if they are participating in the event and will allow you to bring your pup before Friday. This is an annual worldwide event that was [...]

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