Pet Stores in Aspen, Colorado

December 31, 2009
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Aspen, Colorado has a few fun places to go shopping for your pet while you’re enjoying your ski trip. There is also a very nice place to board cats and dogs!

Rocky Mountain Pet Shop

This pet store has been open in Aspen since 1970. They claim to be a no-frills shop that has fair, honest pricing. They have just opened the new self-service dog wash, complete with a selection of brushes, a hair dryer, towels, shampoos and conditioners. They sell a variety of pet food and supplies, and even strange products like a harness to walk your guinea pig. They stock freshwater fish, mice, rats, snakes, hamsters and feeders like crickets. It is located right downtown. They have more of a selection for a broader range of animals than most of the other stores in Aspen.

CB Paws

This store is located in the Hyman Avenue Mall, in downtown Aspen. It is a boutique that sells more upscale products and accessories for dogs and cats. Some of their products include people gifts, dog and cat beds, feeders, beds, carriers, leashes, collars, toys and treats.

Aspen Wags to Riches

This store is located in the Aspen/Pitkin County Animal Shelter, and some of the proceeds are donated to the animals at this shelter.

The shop has an array of pet clothing and accessories, gifts and gift baskets, custom painted bowls and jars, beds, treats, dog toys and grooming supplies. There are even clothing and accessories for humans. The store also offers some services, such as a grooming and day spa; home deliveries; custom gift baskets; children parties; even pet parties!

Mountain Tails

Located in Crested Butte, Colorado, this is a locally owned and operated boutique for cats and dogs. They sell food, treats, pet beds, collars, leashes, bowls, pet clothing, crates, tents and toys. There is also an outdoor gear selection for those who like to ruff it with their dog in Colorado.

Oh Be Dogful

This is a nice pet ranch located in Crested Butte, Colorado. Dogs can play together in the huge fenced yard or the indoor playroom. They have put together a jungle gym, toys, kiddie pools, a sandpit and more. Dogs play under human supervision at all times. The indoor area has TV, comfy beds and pillows. There is also a private cat room, which is an indoor place where cats can relax and view birds outside or explore around the premises. They have catnip and other kitty toys. They sell a few retail products at Oh Be Dogful, like hemp collars, leashes and beds, or recyclable chew. They also offer walks for dogs in the Crested Butte area.


One Response to “Pet Stores in Aspen, Colorado”

  1. Carole Stoll says:

    Looking for a store to buy canned food, sunhat for Mollie(my T_Cup Yorkie) Venison or Rabbit Snacks……will be stying at the Gant in Aspen from June 14-to September30………Is this the place for me? Sounds Like……….

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