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Cat Care 101: Cats and Water


Cats are good at letting us know what they like and don’t like. Some cats hate being placed into pet carriers and will fight their way out as best they can. I had a cat that pushed against the metal door till his nose and feet were rubbed raw. I’ve also had a cat that [...]

Cat Tips and Tricks

There are many ways we can make our lives a little less cumbersome, from trying to not leave our keys in random places around the house, to making a to-do list of things we need to accomplish. When it comes to our pets, we can alleviate some moments of agitation as well if we remember [...]

Green Pet Tip: Keep Cats Inside


While there is nothing more fun than to pet a cat while taking a walk around or sitting in the yard with your fuzzy buddy on your lap, there are reasons to keep your cat inside. Aside from parasites, drinking stale water and becoming ill, or the dangers of cars and mean people, cats that [...]

Cat Myths Debunked: Know The Facts

There are many myths out there about owning a cat and their health, behavior, and personality. Some people will tell you that a cat will sit in the crib with a baby and smother it. Others will tell you that cats see ghosts and that’s why they stare off into space. Some may even try [...]

Things We Do That Annoy Cats

Every human who has a cat living with them knows that the cat rules the house. Granted, we may be the ones who chose and brought the cat home, in the end, the cat owns us. Think about it for a sec… we clean their litter box, we refresh their water, we give them their [...]

Get Down! Cats on Counters

Cats who jump on counters put themselves at risk of getting hurt. What if they jump on a hot stove? What if they jump and land on a knife? Cats love to jump and find high places to sit and watch the world. They love being on things that give them a good point of [...]

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