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5 Tips For Boarding Your Dog

Heading on a vacation or bringing your teen back to college? Can’t bring Buddy with you? There are plenty of kennels and boarding facilities where you can board your dog while you’re gone. Make sure you feel comfortable leaving him at a place while you’re gone. Here are some tips for finding a boarding facility [...]

5 Tips to Stop Jumping Dogs

Dogs jump up on people for various reasons. Usually it’s for attention and a way to show their enthusiasm for seeing you come home from work. They’re excited and the energy produced from it comes out as jumping. If you’re lucky your dog may not be the jumping type and instead zoom around the room [...]

Finding The Right Trainer For Your Dog

So it’s happened… all the silly puppy antics like chewing a pair of shoes, eating a plastic bottle up, or ripping a pillow has escalated to other things and is driving you crazy. The exercise routine, establishing a leadership role, and teaching commands has helped but it’s not enough. Maybe the consistency is off, maybe [...]

Nothing in Life is Free

Pouncing, barking at you, not coming when called, or not listening to commands… what to do? You can try a training technique known as “Nothing in life is free.” It isn’t a magic pill that will solve behavior problems but it is a way to instill a routine and way of living with your dog. [...]

6 Potty Training Tips

Potty training a new puppy can be a tough task and take some time. Puppies seem to “go” in the wrong place a lot before they “get it” and know that the backyard or being on a walk is the right place to go. There are a number of tips and tricks that can help [...]

Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

Are you able to bring your dog to work? If so, make sure your pup has some of the basic rules of etiquette under his collar and that your place is safe. 1: Dog proof your area: If you work at a desk make sure the wires are neatly tucked away so your pup doesn’t [...]

ZZZ… Sleeping Dogs Need Their Own Bed

If you have recently adopted a dog or have realized that having the dog on your bed when you sleep is really not working out well, it’s time to train or retrain her and make sure you get your beauty rest! Here’s a few tips to help you and your canine companion sleep through the [...]

Leash Pulling: 4 Tips to Stop It

Does your dog take you for a walk or rather a stumble down the block every time you leave the house together? Some dogs are so excited to go out that they forget their doggie manners and want to explore, run, and drag you with them, even if it means they end up choking. Dogs [...]

Bored Dog? 7 Tips for Rainy or Snowy Days

On days when it’s too cold or rainy or snowy to spend time outside with your dog, you may find him staring at you, whining, or pacing the floor. Dogs still need to stimulated mentally and physically. On days when it isn’t possible to go on a hike or a long walk without coming home [...]

Clean Up After Your Dog: It’s The Green Thing To Do

Did you hear the one about spray painting dog poo? No? Well, in England by a school there’s been a problem where people have walked their dogs and neglected to clean up after them. It’s become a problem and to drive the point home that this is messy, gross, and unpleasant, workers painted the poo [...]

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