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A Second Dog Might Not Be Right


Sometimes having a dog can be tough and we see them get a little bored, seem sad, and get into things that they shouldn’t. There are only so many days a week we can make trips to the dog park. Doggie daycare can be a great answer to help them socialize, run around, and have [...]

Stop Your Dog From Licking and Chewing Her Paws

If your dog chews her paws, licks, and bites the padding it could be mean she is having a reaction to something she is in contact with, but determining what it is can be difficult. Anything from food allergies, substances on the sidewalk that bug her, elements in the soil, to anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorders [...]

Understanding Dog Body Language and Barks

Dogs communicate with us and express their hesitations, agitation, and happiness with their body language and barks. Have you ever seen your dog lay his ears back when meeting a stranger? Or does she grunt or mutters when you’re eating dinner or when she has a ball and comes over to you? Do you know [...]

5 Great Workouts For You and Your Dog

Dogs are great buddies and even better workout partners. They are always up for a jog, a walk, and a car ride. If you’re looking to burn a few calories but don’t always feel motivated to do it at the gym or alone, take your dog with you! You won’t only get a great workout [...]

5 Back to School Pet Tips

The back to school rush means more days are being spent out of the house leaving your furry buddy home. Shopping for new school clothes, supplies, and attending back to school meetings, means less time spent at the dog park, taking long walks at night, or day trips to the beach. Your dog can feel [...]

5 Tips For Boarding Your Dog

Heading on a vacation or bringing your teen back to college? Can’t bring Buddy with you? There are plenty of kennels and boarding facilities where you can board your dog while you’re gone. Make sure you feel comfortable leaving him at a place while you’re gone. Here are some tips for finding a boarding facility [...]

5 Tips to Stop Jumping Dogs

Dogs jump up on people for various reasons. Usually it’s for attention and a way to show their enthusiasm for seeing you come home from work. They’re excited and the energy produced from it comes out as jumping. If you’re lucky your dog may not be the jumping type and instead zoom around the room [...]

Finding The Right Trainer For Your Dog

So it’s happened… all the silly puppy antics like chewing a pair of shoes, eating a plastic bottle up, or ripping a pillow has escalated to other things and is driving you crazy. The exercise routine, establishing a leadership role, and teaching commands has helped but it’s not enough. Maybe the consistency is off, maybe [...]

Nothing in Life is Free

Pouncing, barking at you, not coming when called, or not listening to commands… what to do? You can try a training technique known as “Nothing in life is free.” It isn’t a magic pill that will solve behavior problems but it is a way to instill a routine and way of living with your dog. [...]

6 Potty Training Tips

Potty training a new puppy can be a tough task and take some time. Puppies seem to “go” in the wrong place a lot before they “get it” and know that the backyard or being on a walk is the right place to go. There are a number of tips and tricks that can help [...]

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