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4 Great iPhone Apps For Pet Owners


Pets are more than just…pets. They are members of the family and share our joys and sorrows. They often end up in pictures with the kids and create memories that can’t be forgotten. Keeping track of their medical history and needs is important, especially when on trips or moving to a new place and looking [...]

Chubby Cat: 6 Tips For A Thinner Kitty


We’ve talked about how to help dogs stay trim. Let’s focus on our feline friends and what can be done to help them stay slim, trim, and healthy. Obese cats face health risks similar to people and dogs, arthritis, shorter life spans, and diabetes are among some of the many health concerns that a chubby [...]

How To Give a Pill to a Dog


I used to work at an animal shelter and we would have pets who needed to be given medication from time to time as they waited for their new forever homes. Sometimes it was something as routine as a heart worm pill and other times it was an antibiotic. Whatever the reason, in general, I [...]

Geeky Pets 101: 2 Dog Walking Apps

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 6.49.59 PM

In May, Fujitsu, a company in Japan released a pedometer for dogs. This isn’t a new concept. The pedometer is on the dog’s collar and transmits pace and mileage to the owner’s smartphone which then can be uploaded to a website. Sound familiar? Sound like the Nike+ iPod app that many of us used with [...]

Responsible Pet Parent Month


Aside from February being Pet Dental Health Month, it’s also Responsible Pet Parent Month. What is that you ask? It’s a month where many rescue groups, shelters, and veterinarians, and other place will strive to promote and educate people about what it means to be a great pet owner. Many of us are great pet [...]

5 Myths About Spaying and Neutering


I know some people don’t always think about spaying or neutering their pets. It’s not that they are not caring owners but they aren’t sure if it is necessary for a variety of reasons or they have heard horror stories and don’t want their pet to experience any major problems or tough recoveries. There are [...]

When It’s Time to Let Go Of Your Pet


Anyone who has a pet knows the reality that at some point it will be time to say goodbye. Hopefully, many of us will have a pet leave us due to old age, natural causes, and feel prepared. Yet, it’s never easy to feel “prepared” because the pain, sadness, and loss is there no matter [...]

October 12: National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Obesity is the number one nutritional disease affecting our pets. We seem to have a problem where we are either overfeeding, giving too many treats, or not exercising our pets enough. But we need to recognize that as cute as a chubby cat can be, or as cuddly as an overweight dog can be, we [...]

CPR For Your Pet

In a poll conducted by AP last year, 58% of pet owners – 63% of dog owners and 53% of cat owners said they would perform CPR on their pet. Many of us probably have some basic first aid kits for ourselves and our pets but many of us may not know how to perform [...]

Pure Water for You and Your Pets!

We came across this interesting product the other day that’s great for people and pets. I always worry about our dogs drinking from dirty water. I look in their water bowls and see specs of stuff in the water that was either their left-over breakfast or the remains of something from outside that I really [...]

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