ORGANIC & NATURAL DOG TREATS & biscuits. All of the biscuits are made with natural, human grade and organic ingredients. We specialize in homemade dog treats for all conditions and behaviors. We also bake for hotels, events, kennels and for stores. Organic and fresh biscuits baked daily. Canine Confections. Web: Email: [email protected]. Phone: 1-415-566-2952

IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR DOGS & CATS - Ensure Proper Nutrition for Your Pet! Animals have the same basic needs as ours: good nutrition, shelter, health care, and love. Providing your dog or cat with immune-targeted nutrients may be a very good place to start! Keep your furry friend in tip-top shape and give your beloved pet the nutrition it deserves. Money back guarantee. For complete product description, prices and order placement, visit our website: Email: [email protected].

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IS YOUR DOG OR CAT DEFICIENT? You are what you digest. The same is true for your pets, which is why many veterinarians and pet nutrition experts are recommending digestive enzyme supplements. DIGESTIVE HEALTH is the most complete digestive supplement made with high quality, human grade ingredients. Give your beloved pet the digestive aid it deserves. You'll both be happier for it! Money back guarantee! For complete product description, prices, and order placement, click on:

BECAUSE YOU LOVE YOUR PET, you protect his health. And, to help you do that brings you USAN, a top line of quality nutritional supplements, for cats and dogs. From USAN's comprehensive line, choose what's right for your pet. Allergy and immune system support, joint care products, and more. USAN uses only the purest ingredients. You will not find more carefully manufactured and researched supplements for your pet. Email: [email protected] Phone: (614) 876-7209.

Flint River Ranch is an all natural premium dog food made from human grade ingredients with no chemical preservatives. FRR is delivered from the manufacturer to your door via UPS (there are no shipping charges). FRR is baked (not extruded) into 2 inch biscuits that are moved slowly thru the oven and then broken into irregular bite size kibble. WHY?? for better digestibility and to preserve the vitamin, mineral, and food content. For a free sample contact: [email protected] or Carol Stewart 2006 Meadowland Drive, Greensburg PA 15601 (724) 834-2309

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Pig ears and bones for sale direct from the manufacturer. You save money and still get the high quality product your dog deserves. We have Jumbo ears, Mammoth bones, Pork bones, Knuckles and much more. Visit our web site for more information and a chance to win free pig ears for a year. As we like to say, BUY OUR EARS AND YOUR DOG WILL GO HOG WILD!! K9 Snacks. Email: [email protected]. Phone: 1-800-919-PETS (7387).

Canadians: Free pet food when you enter our program. Order every month. No quotas. No inventory to carry. 9-year-old Toronto-based company will be in the US in the fall of 2000, so get in on the ground floor. Send me your snail mail for free info.

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HEALTH FOODS FOR PETS! Most pet illnesses and afflictions are directly related to dietary deficiencies that cause a breakdown in the animal's immune system. Protect your pet from Biting, Scratching, Itching, Allergies, Eczema, Hot Spots, Chronic Digestive Disorders and More! STOP THE STEROIDS! A DIETARY SOLUTION! Call ApolloPET Products - 914-725-1214. Your pet will thank you by living healthier and longer. FREE SAMPLE! UNPRECEDENTED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! CONVENIENT UPS DELIVERY! INTERNET ADDRESS: WWW.APOLLOPETFOODS.COM.