Usually in the HOT DEALS! section of our site, we list ways people can find great savings when they travel with their pet. But this time we’d like to focus on HOT DEALS! for animals instead by taking a look at a group of dedicated people who are working to make life better for animals and pets of all kinds. The talented group at Actors and Others for Animals are giving a huge amount of their time and energy to providing solutions to intractable problems like animal overpopulation and finding low-cost medical assistance for pets. They also sponsor wonderful programs for people such as pet assisted therapy to the elderly and those in need, as well as humane education to students so that children learn the compassion, kindness and respect necessary to care for a pet.

Beginning in 1971, they started with the simple premise of providing proper care for and preventing the inhumane treatment and destruction of animals. Founding members included Richard Basehart, Doris Day, Jackie Joseph and Lucie Arnaz and has since branched out to other celebrities including JoAnn Worley (President), Betty White, Loretta Swit and Earl Holiman. It is important and refreshing to note that Actors and Others is not a celebrity-funded organization serving individuals in the entertainment industry. Instead, they serve low-income pet guardians in times of hardship and need and provide low-cost veterinary referrals to help animals that require immediate medical attention. And for that dedication, commitment and passion, we at petswelcome think they deserve a Best in Show for their efforts.

Speaking of Best in Show (our way-favorite comedy movie of all time BTW), Actors and Others are also sponsoring a Best in Show Celebrity Pet Competition this coming weekend, September 28. This fundraising event will be emceed by Mike Burger, and guests Leonard Maltin, Susan Sullivan, Ed Begley, Jr., Allie MacKay, Jay Johnson, Bernie Shine, Tippi Hedren, Chuck McCann (we New Yawkers of a certain age love and grew up with Chuck McCann….), Connie Stevens and others will share a video of their pet attempting to be the cutest, funniest or most lovable of the group in order to be named “Best in Show.” And one of our favorite funnymen, Fred Willard, as well as Jim Piddock, will be on hand to critique the entries. You can even be part of it by submitting a photo of your pet in a Pet Photo Parade that will be shown during the event and featured on the website.

Please be sure to visit the website and help out in any way you can. A donation would be greatly appreciated, but just feeling the pet LOVE would be a good thing and then to spread it around in your local community, thereby creating a growing circle of concern and compassion to help pets everywhere.

This is the first in a series of articles on that will be focusing on people and organizations that help pets and which will culminate in a brand new section on our site devoted to Rescue and Humane groups around the country.

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