11 Great Gift Ideas for Dogs

It might be relatively easy to talk yourself out of buying yet another chew toy for your dog most of the year, but when the holidays roll around it’s pretty hard to resist. Why not give your pooch something to “unwrap” when the rest of the family is opening gifts? In some cases, these great gift ideas for dogs are as much a gift for you as they are for Fido.

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Pampered Dog Gift Basket
Best friends deserve the best gifts. The snacks in this basket include a doggie croissant, doughnuts, beef jerky, biscuits, and so much more.
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4 Plush Rope Toys with Squeakers
Cute plush animals that your dog will love! Play a game of tug, toss it in the yard, and watch your pup run around while trying to find the squeaker in the plush heads. Remember though, always supervise your pet with toys like this as they may accidentally eat or swallow pieces.
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Zippypaws Burrow Squeaky Plush Toy
Choose from chickens, hedgehogs, or mice in cheese. These cute plush toys are great for stimulating your dog’s desire to hunt and seek. Hide the little critters in their homes and watch your pup paw and stick their noses in the holes as they pull out the little plush animals.
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Kong Squiggles Dog Toy
Multi-use toy that you can shake, stretch, and squeak. These come in 4 colorful, cute characters with speakers in both ends.
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Kong Extreme
I’ve had dogs that have loved this toy. The extreme black one is the toughest one around. Stuff it with snacks, peanut butter, and even dinner! Using a Kong toy will strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles and help keep them from chewing up your furniture.
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Loofa Dog Plush Dog Toy
This stuffed toy is a big hit with the canine population.
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Kong 3-Pack Sport Balls
Time for fetch with your athlete! Extra bouncy and great for smaller dogs. Play soccer, baseball, basketball, or pool.
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Jolly Ball
The Jolly ball is a toy that all animals love. Next time you go to the zoo, look at the toys the animals are playing with, chances are the polar bears have a jolly ball. The plastic ball has a smaller ball in it, and multiple size holes for your dog to bite and carry the ball around. It’s tough, rugged, and great for outdoor play.
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Fashionable Suede Dog Coat
Winter is here, buy your dog a top-notch coat for those chilly walks around town. Sherpa lined with with faux suede will keep your dog stylish and warm.
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Whistler Balls
Have a dog that can’t stop playing fetch? Buy these whistler balls for hours of play with the Chuckit launcher.
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One thought on “11 Great Gift Ideas for Dogs

  1. I like the self warming dog bed. Its cute!
    I got my gift for my beloved baby, but Im looking for some more stuff as a birthday present. :D