10 Reasons to Adopt An Adult Dog

Puppies are cute and adorable. They look at the world with new eyes and act silly as they explore and play. But time, training, and working with any personality or behavior issues can be hard if you already have a busy life. When looking to bring a new pet into the house, consider adopting an adult dog. Often times, many adult dogs are surrendered to shelters and rescue groups due to reasons of financial stability, moving, or allergies. Many of the dogs are great and just need a new forever home.

Here are 10 reasons to adopt an adult dog:

1: What you see is what you get – they are full grown, their personality is developed, and the type of grooming they need is apparent. If you’re looking for a dog that has certain physical requirements and personality, it’s easier to see that in an adult dog.

2: Easy to train – you can teach an old dog new tricks. They focus better than puppies and are often calmer. Many of them may even know basic commands such as sit, stay, and come.

3: Fewer messes – many adult dogs are housebroken or very good at holding it till you take them out. If they aren’t completely housebroken many pick it up fast. Also, since adult dogs are past the teeth stage, they tend to not chew on unacceptable objects or have been trained to not eat shoes or destroy furniture.

4: Super loving – adult dogs that have been in homes want nothing more than to be in another one. They may be uncertain and shy at first but many people who have adopted adult dogs talk about how amazingly loving and affectionate their adopted dog is and how bonded they became.

5: Settle in fast – dogs that have lived with a family or grown up in a house often have learned the ins and outs of reading humans, knowing what sounds are typical in a house, and won’t be as jumpy as a puppy learning all these things.

6: Not a 24/7 dog – puppies require lots of monitoring and puppy-proofing the house. Adult dogs may have already learned to not chew on the electric cords and will usually nap if you’re busy making food or reading a book. Some adult dogs that have been crate trained will put themselves to bed when they are tired without protest.

7: Saving a life – older dogs tend to be overlooked in shelters. Adopting an older dog saves them from growing old in the shelter or being euthanized depending on the shelter policies. Shelters can be tough on dogs who are used to living in a home.

8: Won’t be as overwhelmed – adult dogs aren’t as bouncy and loopy as puppies. If you’re an older adult looking for a furry friend, an older dog can be the right match in terms of energy level, play level, and will be happy just to be around you.

9: Easy Living – Adult dogs won’t be as hyper. They will still enjoy exercise and exploring the world but won’t drag you down the block like a young dog might. They won’t need to run miles a day.

10: They’re adorable too! Older dogs can be silly and cute. Their muzzle with some white fur coming in, big stretches when they wake up from naps, and other personality quirks can make you smile and laugh.

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Adopt An Adult Dog

  1. What a wonderful article. It is true, there is no better pet than a rescued dog. They know you have saved them and they are so grateful. Give me a rescue any day!

  2. We have “rescued” several dogs and there is nothing like it. We currently now have two adult shih tzus. We adopted Rosie after we found her on petfinder.com – we fell in love with her photo. We made arrangements to meet her, turns out that she was rescued from a kill shelter the day before she was going to put down. We’ve had her for over five years and she is a wonderful girl, completely trained with a wonderful sweet personality. She now has a “brother” we also rescued, a family turned in a 9 month old because he was too much work and he was destructive! They worked all day and let the pup have the run of the house! He took to a leash beautifully, loves to take long walks with Rosie and besides they are company for one another. He loves to play ball, he catches fly balls and returns to us for another throw. Having two dogs is no more work then one. The joys are doubled! When we leave them as we sometimes do, when we return they are so happy…bringing us their toys. Both travel by car with us too, they know what vacation means.