10 Tips to Keep Pets Safe at Halloween

Decorations and costumes are out in the stores along with aisles and aisles of mini sized candy for Halloween. If you participate in the spooky holiday make sure your four-legged friends are kept safe from treats and tricks.

10 Tips To Keep Pets Safe During Halloween

  1. No treats – chocolate and candy that has sugar and artificial sweeteners and dyes are not good for pets.
  2. Keep the pumpkins and decorations out of reach – ingesting or chewing on your jack-o-lantern can cause an upset belly.
  3. If you string up lights, keep them high and out of the way – your cat doesn’t need to get tangled in them and your dog doesn’t need an electric jolt, he’s not Frankenstein.
  4. If you light up your pumpkin with a candle keep it somewhere safe – a curious cat could get a burn and a clumsy dog could knock it over and start a fire.
  5. Keep your pets inside as the holiday approaches and the night of Halloween – some animals have been hurt by deviant people and black cats seem to be susceptible to being harmed.
  6. When opening the door to greet a group of trick-or-treaters keep your pets in another room – scared pets may dart outside or become overly stressed with the commotion.
  7. Keep ID on your pets – if your pet escapes, a tag and microchip are your best bet to getting them back home safely and quickly.
  8. Costumes for your pets can be fun for you but not always them – if your dog or cat does not like having articles of clothing placed on them, it can cause major stress. They might chew, tear, or swallow pieces of it as they try to get off their bodies.
  9. Elvis has left the building, but what about the sequins? Check that there aren’t any dangling pieces or small plastic pieces that your dog or your friend’s dog could swallow if you do dress up your pet.
  10. If you take your pet to a halloween party at your local dog park or meetup group a halloween bandana might be the best costume – dogs can play rough and a costume could get torn and tangled around your buddy. Other dogs might not know how to react to your dog if she’s all dressed up and react with fear or aggression.

Image from Chesterfield Vet Clinic

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