12 Great Gift Ideas for Cats

The holidays are the ideal time to splurge a little on loved ones – and for those of us whose households include cats, that means finding gifts for them, too. We all know how finicky cats can be, so picking the perfect toy or treat may not be easy – but with this selection of gift ideas for cats you’re sure to find one that’ll suit your feline friend.

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Fantastic Gifts for Cats

Peek-a-Prize Pet Toy Box

This is a great toy for cats. Hide toys, catnip, anything in there and watch your fuzzy friend jab and smack through the holes as he tries to fish them out. 
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Cat Dancer
My cats have this toy and they LOVE IT! It’s a simple cardboard rolled up piece on the end of a wire that’s similar to a hanger. It swings, waves, and simulates the way a fly moves around. It’s a great deal of fun for your cats and easy to engage your cat for a good 15 min of play.
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Petmate Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy
Fun interactive toy with a ball enclosed in the plastic ring. Openings on the side allow your cat to paw the ball around.
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PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge
This is a 2 in 1 toy, a scratcher and a lounger. Your cat can tear at the cardboard and then take a nap without moving an inch.
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Peek-A-Prize Balls
These balls are great to use with the Peek-A-Prize Pet Toy Box or alone to roll around the house. Your cats will chase and bat them around the house.
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Mylar Balls Cat Toys, 4-Pack
I’ve been buying these toys for the 16 years that I’ve had my two cats. They love them. Light and easy to bat around the house and yet made of mylar so they make a crinkly noise that keeps the cats stimulated.
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KONG Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy
Refillable plush toy that will last for years. Pop some catnip inside and watch your cat go nuts.
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Foam Soccer Cat Balls
Light weight and silent when being tossed around the house, these are great and last for a while. They are also bouncy so you can also throw off the wall and watch your cat jump to try and catch them!
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Multi-Level Cat Climber
Don’t have too much room in your apartment but your cat keeps jumping on your furniture? Then check out this multi-level climber that hangs off the back of a door. It’s stable, has sisal posts for scratching, and fits on most doors.
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KONG Swizzle Bird Cat Toy
I have one of these for my guys and it’s a great toy for when you are too tired to move but your cats are ready to play. It’s like “fishing” in your living room. Your cats will chase and try to hold and bite onto the end and if your cat is like mine, pull the rod right out of your hand and run away with it!
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Lounge-shaped Cardboard Scratcher
This cardboard scratcher is designed to allow cats to stretch and flex as they scratch as well as nap if they want to afterwards. It’s a fun tiger print on the sides. Scratchers are great toys for maintaining claws, exercise, and training devices to help cats learn to scratch appropriate toys and not your furniture.
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Angry Birds Birds Gone Crazy
Did those pigs and birds drive you crazy? Well, let your cat get revenge for you as he bats them all around the house. These plastic balls are designed to look just like the characters from that addictive game. Perfect for indoor play and they don’t mock you.
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What treats or toys are you getting your cat this holiday season?

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