12 Reasons to Teach Your Dog To Sit

Basic commands that we teach our dogs help with being able to control them when they get hyper, teach them to have manners, and keep them from getting into trouble. Many dogs know the word “sit” and associate it with getting a treat, putting on a leash, or waiting by a door. But knowing this simple command can help with so much more than just giving your dog a moment to pause before you release by saying “Ok.”

12 Reasons To Teach Your Dog To Sit

  1. When guests come over, asking your dog to sit will prevent jumping up and darting out the door
  2. Prevents counter surfing in the kitchen as you prepare a meal
  3. Before getting in the car so you can finish loading in other items
  4. At sidewalks to wait till it is safe to cross the street
  5. To stop before meeting another dog on the street on a walk
  6. To stay still as you clean up after your dog on a walk
  7. To prevent rushing to the food bowls when you feed your pup
  8. Prevent your dog from pulling you as you lock your front door, put your keys away, or anything else that requires a minute where you need your dog to stay still
  9. To make life easier when trimming nails or brushing fur
  10. On hikes asking your dog to sit and wait allows other hikers to pass you
  11. In dog friendly places, asking your dog to sit while you pay for an item, talk to a friend, or have coffee on a patio
  12. And finally, teaching your dog to sit is the first step to teaching your dog more tricks like “high 5” and “wave.”

Image from Newshealth.net

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