140 Characters or Less: What is your cat doing?

When you come home from work does your cat greet you with some purring and meowing? When you wake up in the morning, is the first thing you hear a “mew” followed by some more mews and a few “rowrs?” Aside from your cat telling you that he’s hungry or wants to play, maybe he’s trying to tell you about his day!

Now, you can find out what you cat is doing, thinking and feeling while you’re not home and let the world know too! Sony has developed a cat collar that will tweet, yes, that’s right, tweet for your cat on Twitter.

Sony calls it [email protected] and the device is not ready for release, but the prototype they’ve developed has a small camera, GPS, and Bluetooth. The device is to be worn around the neck on a collar and when it senses the cat is near something like their food bowl it can send pre-set phrases to Twitter such as “This tastes good!”

Researchers say that the [email protected] can recognize other cats’ faces and could tweet “just saw Morris” as development continues. At the moment there are 11 phrases that are preprogrammed and the device sends the tweets to a PC via Bluetooth which then updates Twitter.

There was no news as to when Sony anticipates having the final product available. If you can’t wait, and want to know what your cat does while you’re not around, it might be time to try out the cat cam.

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