2011 South Florida Pet Expo

On Saturday, the 26th, from 9am to 9pm, there will be a huge pet expo for you and your pet to attend. It is at the South Florida Fairgrounds down in West Palm Beach located at 9067 Souther Boulevard in West Palm Beach, Fl.

The event has free parking and contests that you can enter your pet into such as a costume contest, Best Trick contest, and doxi racing. There will also be vendors, rescue organizations, artists, and animal education exhibitors there for you to shop, learn, and meet fellow animal lovers.

If you’re looking for a second pet, or your first family pet? You’re in luck! Several rescue organizations, shelters, and humane organizations will be there and you may become a forever home for a furry little fellow.

There will be an agility demonstration by Lucky Dog Sports Club. The dogs and handlers will demonstrate some of the basics such as jumping over hurdles and through tires, running over the teeter, and then weaving through poles.

Also, something to not miss is the Doxie Race. Daschunds will race to their owners at the finish line. They will be coaxed by toys or treats. This promises to be hysterical as they may run the course or run in circles, try to play with each other, or run over to say “hi!” to the audience.


2 thoughts on “2011 South Florida Pet Expo

  1. an indoor venue wasn’t really the best idea. people and pets bumping into each other. why didn’t they use some of all that outdoor space? not as many freebies as the other festivals.

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