2011 Wacky Pet Names

Each year VPI, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company, compiles a list of the wackiest pet names they have heard of from their clients. This year’s list is full of fun puns, personality defects, and kooky names taken from books, movies, and sci-fi shows. The company picks the top 50 dog names and top 50 cat names.

Here are 10 of the top 50 dog names:

1: Audrey Shepburn
2: Dewey Decimill
3: Sir Chomps-A-Lot
4: Bodacious Beretta
5: Yum Yum Star
6: Tako Skywalker
7: Franco Furter
8: Afro Thunder
9: Knuckles Capone
10: Uzi Duzi Du

Here are 10 of the top 50 cat names:

1: Ozzy Pawsbourne
2: Spam
3: Disaster
4: Bulldog
5: Kung Fu Kitty
6: Speedbump
7: Toot Sweet
8: Thug Master K
9: Chainsaw
10: Mr. Meowgi

Is your pet one of the many that have a fun wacky name? Let us know!


4 thoughts on “2011 Wacky Pet Names

  1. My dog is a very nosy sometimes terror who is always into everything. Her name is Beezilbub!

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