3 Diseases Dogs Can Pass To Us

Dogs give us a lot: companionship, love, laughs, and drooly licks. There are so many wonderful reasons to having a dog and so many reasons we love them. However, if we’re not mindful of their health we might accidentally also endanger ours. There are some diseases and parasites that can spread from dogs to us. Just remember that sometimes our pets may have a parasite or disease that isn’t showing symptoms and a simple lick of your hand right before you pick up your sandwich might spread something from them to you.

Here are 3 common sicknesses we can get from our dogs:

1: Ringworm – If you start noticing small hairless circular shaped patches on your dog, it might be ringworm. Ringworm is caused by a fungus that can be easily transmitted from animal to human. It spreads quickly and a hug from your best buddy can mean you might have a red circular spot on your neck afterwards. Wash your hands after petting dogs, it cuts down on the chances of getting ringworm. It’s annoying but easy to treat with medication from your vet and anti-fungal creams that your doctor can recommend for you.

2: Lyme Disease – Even though this isn’t contracted directly from dogs, it can be spread by the ticks that may jump onto your dog and then to you. Ticks are carriers of Lyme disease and since they often hitch rides on dogs, owners can also develop the disease if they are bitten by the infected tick. Some symptoms are rashes that resemble a bulls-eye target, fever, lethargy, and sometimes discomfort moving around. If you live in an area where ticks are around, talk to your vet about the best preventative for your dog and remember to stay on schedule with it so your dog and you can be protected.

3: Roundworms – These are gross! They are parasites that look like spaghetti and are found in your dog’s digestive system. They are serious because they can block your pet’s tract and cause major problems. If your dog has them and you or your kids play with the dog, wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. If your kids play in the yard where your dog has gone potty, the eggs and worms may spread to your kids. It’s important to keep your dog de-wormed. Talk to your vet about the best ways to protect your pet and your family from these parasites.


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  1. Always wear shoes, even in your own yard if your dog uses the lawn as a bathroom, it’s a good idea for parks & rural areas for even more reasons.

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