3 Great Dog Ball Toys

Buying toys for your dog can be tiresome. Balls are usually great for dogs because it stimulates their prey drive and they will often chase a ball. However, if the ball is is too thin, your dog will destroy it within minutes. If it’s too big or too tough your dog might lose interest in it. Some toys also have pieces that might break off that could harm your dog if s/he swallows them. So, if it’s time to buy some new toys check out these 7 balls that have top ratings on Amazon.

7 Great Dog Ball Toys For Your Pup

Chuckit! Ultra Balls
These balls come in various sizes and in packs of two. The material is better than tennis balls and won’t file down your dog’s teeth as s/he grabs, carries, and chews on the balls. They are made from rubber and bounce high and far to make playtime fun and are easy to wash off and clean after a fun day at the park or in the backyard. These are strong and won’t easily be chewed through and float, so you can also play in the pool or ponds.
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KONG Squeaker Balls
Kong makes great dog toys and these tennis-like balls are quality made, bounce high, and covered in soft felt. The felt won’t wear down your dog’s teeth and there is a squeaker in the ball to keep your dog stimulated for hours of play. The balls are small so they are great for medium to small dogs.
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Jolly Pet Plastic Ball
This hard plastic ball is perfect for just about any dog. It comes in various diameters and can withstand the toughest bites. It’s hard plastic so don’t play with it in the house, things will end up broken… It’s long lasting, easy to clean, and has three holes where your dog can grab and carry the ball. Sometimes, as the holes wear down and end up being bigger, you may find your dog wearing the ball on his head like a helmet. I know this because I had a corgi who loved this ball and he did that often and would then walk into walls.
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