4 Great iPhone Apps For Pet Owners

Pets are more than just…pets. They are members of the family and share our joys and sorrows. They often end up in pictures with the kids and create memories that can’t be forgotten. Keeping track of their medical history and needs is important, especially when on trips or moving to a new place and looking for a new vet.

Now that many of us have smartphones, there are apps for Android and iPhones that can help us organize our lives, keep us in shape, control our DVR, and deposit our paychecks. There are also apps that help us take better care of our pets and be more mindful of their day to day needs. After some hunting around, I’ve compiled a small list of the top 4 apps for iphone users who have pets.

Top 4 iPhone Apps for Pet Owners

  1. Dog Whistle โ€“ a free app, that turns your iPhone into a dog training device. This straightforward app provides a digital dog whistle and the user selects the appropriate frequency from a number of options. The user then simply presses the โ€œPlayโ€ button and the training can commence.
  2. Pet First Aid โ€“ itโ€™s never fun to think about your pet’s health and have the “what if” thoughts run through your mind. But it’s always good to be prepared. This app helps owners get comprehensive info in the form of detailed tutorials and video illustrations that guide regarding how to administer first aid to a pet and covers everything from common injuries to giving meds to even performing CPR.
  3. Petsbook – is exactly what it claims to be; a notebook all about your pet. Keep track of the health information for your pet or pets, microchip numbers, and any other information. This app also allows the user to keep track of veterinary appointments and records, and there is also the option to create photo galleries for you to keep pics of your beloved pet on there.
  4. MyPetMinder – this app is kind of like having a personal dog secretary to keep you on schedule with your grooming or veterinary appointments, medications and puppy play dates. It’s cool and while you could use your calendar, this one is tailored for pets and those of us who care for them.

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