4 Great Organic Brands of Dog Food

When looking what to feed your dog, organic is a great choice. But how do you know it’s organic? The labels will tell you a lot about the ingredients. The first ingredient should always be a meat – turkey, lamb, chicken, etc. If the first ingredient starts out with water, dehydrated something or other, or some chemical sounding thing that you don’t have time to google on your smartphone, it’s probably not organic. The next bit of information to look for is where the food is made, or how it’s made. The websites of the companies will often state where their food is made, how it’s made, and where the ingredients are resourced.

If you are wondering which brands are the best – we like these 4

  1. Newman’s Own Organics – The website states its food is 95% organic and the first few ingredients are chicken, chicken liver, and chicken meal. There is also organic soy meal, brown rice, peas, and much more in their dog and cat food. Newman’s food is human grade, meaning it’s fit for human consumption.
  2. Orijen – this brand is from Canada and the food is delivered fresh, not frozen to pet stores. The bags are airtight to prevent the food from spoiling. When reading the labels, the first few ingredients are chicken, salmon, and herring. The company sources the ingredients from local farmers who raise cage free animals and grow chemical free fruits and vegetables.
  3. California Natural – This brand is made for pets who may not be able to tolerate other pet foods such as a dog with a sensitive stomach or a mild allergy to some types of foods. There are no chemical preservatives and the food uses chicken and turkey broth instead of water to aid in digestible protein.
  4. Blue Buffalo – The website states that no by-products, dyes, or processed foods are used in the making of the pet food. Some of the ingredients found in Blue Buffalo include but aren’t limited to: alfalfa, bacon, brown rice, chicken liver, lamb, salmon, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes. There are a number of different types for all stages of your dog’s life cycle and treats. Your pup might love the elk antlers!

What brand do you feed your dog?

Image from WsePetCompanion.com

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