4 Natural Light Effects for Pet Pics

Natural light can create the best pics and when it comes to trying to get a great pic of our pets we all know that a flash on the camera often gives our dogs and cats lazer eyes. It’s beyond red-eye… you know, that glowing weird green color that their eyes get because of the flash or we end up with a bunch of pics with their eyes closed because the flash made them blink.

Natural light means we can get a pic of them with all the contrast between light and dark on their fur that can make them look regal, handsome, and great! Here are 4 tips to get the best lighting for our pet pics.

1: Pick the time of day to shoot based on the lighting. Using natural light means knowing when the best time of day is to have your photo shoot. Morning and evening can bring you softer lighting with touches of cool or warm tones. Midday can be bad because of the harsh shadows. If you’re shooting indoors, the brightest part of the day may work because of the way the light diffuses through your windows and into your home. Try to coax your pet close the light source and snap away!

2: No flash! Unless you want your pet to look possessed and alien-like. You’ll get better colors without a flash and avoid your pet walking or running away in disgust.

3: If you’re looking for a way to reflect the light around your cat or dog during the shoot, the best and lowest cost reflectors to use are the ones on your car windshield. They are cheaper than the professional photographer ones and work just as well. Just prop them or have a friend hold them for you to add light to a dark or shadowed area.

4: Cloudy days can be great outdoor photo shoot days for your pet! The lighting can be amazing, creating even lighting all over and allow for close-ups with lots of detail.

Good luck! Some cats and dogs always seem to fidget and get easily distracted. Make sure you have a treat or something to hold their attention.

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