4 Pet Tips for Valentine’s Day

valentine_dog_bedIt’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you have plans to celebrate it with someone special, don’t forget to make sure you keep foods and plants out of reach from curious little paws.

The most common calls that animal poison hot-lines receive on Valentine’s Day involve chocolate and lilies being eaten by a curious cat or dog. Here’s a few tips to make sure everyone has a good Valentine’s day:

1: Pet-safe flowers:
Lilies are fatal to cats. When buying flowers for a loved one, try to avoid lilies, tulips, and chrysanthemums. If you buy an arrangement that contains any of these flowers, place it somewhere out of reach of your pet such as a high shelf where the cat cannot jump onto or a room where the cat is not allowed to go. Dogs may not be as intrigued or curious to check out the flowers but still be cautious and do not leave them on a table or counter. Be sure to buy roses that have had their thorns cut off as these could injure your pet as well. Your local florist can de-thorn them and it only a take a few seconds.

2: Chocolate:
Dogs should never have any chocolate. The ingredients in chocolate are not easily broken down and the stimulants in chocolate cause dogs to have elevated heart rates. Share the chocolates with your favorite person, not your favorite four-legged friend.

3: Cocktails:
Having some wine, champagne, or a mixed drink after a nice dinner is a great idea. But don’t let your dog or cat drink any of it. Clean up any spills and empty all the glasses before calling it a night. Alcohol can harm animals and upset their stomach and sometimes cause problems with breathing and nervous system. Besides, we all know cats prefer catnip and dogs love a good pig ear!

4: Candlelit dinners:
Make sure to blow out the candles when you’re done with dinner. A curious kitty looking for any leftover table scraps may accidentally knock a candle over or brush against it and singe their fur. A dog could also pull a candle over when checking for any scraps of food.

Hopefully, these 4 tips help you and your furry friends have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to give your pets a treat on this heart-filled day – why not give them a type of food they rarely get or a new toy. Your pet will thank you for it!

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