4 Things You Can Do for Your Pet on the 4th of July

This week we will celebrate the 4th of July. Maybe some of your neighbors have already began the holiday by setting off firecrackers, bottle rockets, and other small fireworks. As exciting and as pretty as some fireworks can be, not everyone in the family likes fireworks, usually your pets.

If your dog does not like the booms, pops, and bangs that fireworks make, here’s 4 tips to help keep your pet calm.

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1: Drown out the noise

Play music loudly in your house or turn on something that will mask the sound of the fireworks. Air conditioners, a loud fan, the television, or radio can create “white noise” which can hide or override the booms of fireworks and hopefully decrease your dog’s reaction to them.ย 

2: Keep your pets inside

The noises can make your pet panic and want to “run away.” Dogs might dig out of the yard and cats may hide or climb and find themselves stuck somewhere. Also, for their own safety, keep them inside to avoid being hurt accidentally or on purpose from an exploding firecracker. ย 

3: Board your dog

If you live near the source of the fireworks in your city, consider boarding your dog overnight in a place that is farther away. Some boarding facilities have soundproofed walls or are just far enough away that the fireworks aren’t able to be heard. Many boarding places will also have a radio or some form of “white noise,” ask when making your reservation.ย 

4: Talk to your vet

If your dog is extremely sensitive to noise, you may want to consult your vet about medication or a sedative that will ease your pet. Your vet will know the proper dosage and let you know how soon before the fireworks begin you should administer the medication.ย 

Photo by Anja_Johnson

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