4 Ways To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Did you pup put on some “winter weight?” That’s ok, it happens to us all. But losing those few extra pounds and getting your dog back down to a good weight is important. For some dogs, the extra weight can make their joints ache, hurt their hips, and make breathing harder when walking. Health-wise, an overweight dog may be prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. To help your dog stay within a normal weight, try these 4 tips.

1: Set a realistic goal – your dog’s age, energy level, and your time will impact how fast your dog will lose weight and how much. Be reasonable. Don’t overwork your dog or underfeed your dog. Talk to your vet about how to change up the routine without harm. Weight loss can take a long time, but you’ll see results after a few months.

2: Exercise a little each day: – Daily walks and a little play time are great ways to get some exercise in. If you walk your dog every day, speed the pace a little or extend the length of the walk. Vary it up from a brisk walk to a stroll. Maybe you’ll even your dog to jog with you after a little bit. This is great for you and your dog.

3: Monitor the meals: – It’s easy to overfeed your dog, start cutting back on the portions slowly. Increased exercise and a little less food will help our dog lose weight. You may even want to try changing food to a lower calorie brand but keeping the portion the same. Go slow with reducing the food portions as you don’t want to mistakenly underfeed your pup. Cut back on treats too.

4: Use interactive toys: – Instead of just a chew toy, look at toys that you can stuff a few treats into and move. A kong ball or other rolling, bouncing toy is great. Your dog will have to chase it, hold it, and move to get it and then as a bonus a few treats will fall out. You can try putting carrot in the toy instead of high calorie dog treats and peanut butter.

What other tips do you have? Share them with us!

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