40 Gifts for Dog Lovers, Perfect for Christmas Holidays!

The holidays are nearly upon us once again, which means it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s favorite seasonal activity—Christmas shopping! Most of us have at least one dog fanatic in our lives and much like man’s best friend, these folks tend to be fairly easy to please. We’ve rounded up 40 of our favorite holiday gift ideas for dog lovers to help make your shopping quest as painless as possible this year, no matter the size of your budget.

Our gift shopping categories include:

  • Gifts for the Dog Lover On-the-Go
  • For the Practical Dog Lover
  • For the Whimsical Dog Lover
  • For the Sentimental Dog Lover
  • For the Fun-Loving Dog Lover

For the Dog Lover On-the-Go

1. Highwave AutoPupCup Water Bottle – $14.99  Give Sparky the convenience of his own water bottle with this clever design. The bowl-shaped top is easily filled with a gentle squeeze of the bottle, making this a great gift for anyone with a pup on-the-go.

2. Bonza Collapsible Dog Bowls – $17.98 This portable set is perfect for traveling thanks to its two expandable bowls, tags, and zippered carrying case.

3. Dog Car Seat Covers – $39.99 Help someone keep their car interior protected from dog hair and pawprints with this waterproof seat cover system. The durable flaps work to fully enclose the backseat while protecting seats, doors, headrests and the floor. You’ll be thanked later for this one!

4. Airline Approved Pet Carrier – $32.94 One of the perks of a small dog is their ability to be easily transported. For your on-the-go pal who likes to take their other pal along for the ride, consider this soft-sided, airline-approved pet carrier that also manages to look good.

5. Personalized Ombre Rope Dog Leash – $32.99 Stand out from the crowd at the dog park with one of these handmade, uniquely dyed cotton rope leashes. Add a personalized touch with up to five characters. No judgment if you choose “SANTA”

6. Canine Hardware Pet Travel Bed – $19.36 This easy folding, lightweight bed is great for lining a crate or creating a cozy spot on a hotel floor without the bulk of a conventional dog bed.

7. Kurgo Kibble Carrier Travel Dog Food Bag -$13.49 This is one of those items nobody thinks about until it’s right in front of them. Be the bringer of good use this holiday season with a portable dog food bag. The hex-weave material helps repel moisture and pests, while avoiding spills and the hassle of lugging around an open bag of dog food.

For the Practical Dog Lover

1. PB Paws Pet Collection Indoor Outdoor Pet Mat – $15.99 If your favorite “dog person” is one who enjoys broadcasting his or her canine love in as many form as possible, this door mat will bring a sure smile. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, use it as a human welcome mat or a puppy placemat.

2. Best Friends OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler – $27.48 Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, dogs included. Give the gift of peaceful slumber with this deep-dish, extra-cozy dog bed.

3. Pet House All-Natural Soy Wax Candle – $21.95 Not only are these awesome, long-lasting candles all-natural, they’ve been developed especially to eliminate pet-related odors. With fun scents like Bamboo Watermint, Falling Leaves, and Sugared Cranberries, there’s something for everyone to festively combat the occasional “wet dog” smell.

4. DEI Leash Holder Wall Rack – $13.64 Perhaps every dog’s favorite phrase, this “let’s go for a walk” wall-mounted leash holder will leave no doubt in the minds of guests as to who really runs the household.

5. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit – $79.99 We know, mutts are the most loveable dogs of all, but if your pup-crazy friend is curious about the origins of her adopted BFF, this kit just might contain the answers. The DNA testing kit includes prepaid lab shipping and results are returned within two-to-three weeks of receiving the sample. Mystery solved!

6. Portable Pet Stairs – $57.95 Small pups often have a little trouble hopping on and off of couches, beds, or anywhere else they might be welcomed. Make life a little easier with these plush, portable stairs designed just for pets. Safety first!

7. Glucosamine for Dogs Supplement – $29.95 Okay, so vitamins probably don’t fall under anyone’s “fun” category, but a good hip and joint supplement can be a thoughtful gift for the owner of an active dog if it helps Mr. Ruffles to keep hiking those weekend trails for years to come.

8. Dll Bone Dry Pet Toy Storage Bin – $20.26 Consider this for the friend whose house you can’t visit without tripping over multiple dog toys before you’ve even made it out of the foyer. It’s a collapsible and good-looking way to keep Spot’s toy collection under control.

9. Mars Original Stainless Steel Pet Stripper – $35.99 Nothing beats a high-quality stripping tool for breeds with thick undercoats (Huskies, we’re looking at you). This one is of German-made quality with stainless steel teeth and a wooden handle.

10. Grooming Tools Kit – $39.99 A great gift idea for the new dog owner in your life, this comprehensive set of grooming tools includes the essentials: nail trimmer, comb, pin brush, de-matting comb, de-shedding comb; all in a durable carrying case for easy storage.

For the Whimsical Dog Lover

1. Pooch Selfie Ball – $12.99 Humans have selfie sticks, dogs have selfie balls. This clever attachment works with either front or rear-facing cameras and is compatible with most smartphone cases.

2. BarkBrew Dog Beer 100% Organic – $8.00 Perfect for the friend who is both a dog lover and a beer enthusiast, BarkBrew makes it possible to crack open a cold one for man’s best friend. These brews are totally organic and available in chicken or beef flavors—so refreshing!

3. Holiday Christmas Reindeer Sweater – $18.99 How thoughtful of you to include your favorite dog in this year’s Christmas sweater party! Offered in several sizes and colors, there’s sure to be a match for a pooch you know and love.

4. Simplest Life Bandana Scarf Collar – $19.99 Looking dapper doesn’t have to be expensive. This adjustable collar with bandana is available in a variety of colors and makes a great gift for any posh pup.

5. Novelty Dog Socks 6-pack – $13.99 Socks are always one of those “ha ha” Christmas gifts given in jest, but let’s face it: socks are practical. They’re fun, too, especially when there’s a different pupper printed on the back of each pair.

6. Coffee Mug “Dogs over People” – $23.00 Sometimes the truth hurts.

7. Dogeared “be the person your dog thinks you are” Lil Zip – $24.00 Zippered pouches have endless functionality for everything from carrying dog treats to toting cosmetics, and this one is guaranteed to be a welcome addition to the collection.

8. Decorative Embroidered Pillow – $12.99 Ah, the noble Dachshund. What they lack in height they make up for in length and as fodder for puns. This fun pillow expresses a relatable sentiment no matter the resident breed.

For the Sentimental Dog Lover

1. THE DOG Wall Calendar 2018 – $14.99 Calendars are endlessly useful, both as a fun piece of décor and for actually keeping track of things like vet appointments and doggy daycare schedules. This one is a fun gift for any dog lover thanks to the variety of breeds and creative displays of cuteness.

2. The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs – $16.96 Hardcover books with stunning photography always make a great gift, even more so when the pages are filled with photos of hundreds of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

3. Gourmet Christmas Dog Treats – $16.95 What is Christmas without a little festive snacking? Let Fido join in on the munchie fun this year with his own assortment of freshly baked holiday treats.

4. Dogs – $37.41 This beautiful (and self-explanatory) book is suitable for coffee table display, allowing everyone to explore the many delights of the dog.

5. Pearhead Dog Paw Print Keepsake Photo Frame – $19.95 This hinged frame captures both a photo of a beloved dog, as well as their personal pawprint with the included clay imprint kit. A thoughtful gift for folks with a new puppy or an old friend alike.

6. Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms – $15.84 Put these wine charms right to use on Christmas Day by letting everyone choose their favorite pup to identify their glass. You know you’re a dog lover when…

7. How Dogs Love Us: A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain – $19.30 A lovely read for anyone whose heartstrings are tugged at by the unconditional love of a dog, author Gregory Burns explains the science (and sentimentality) behind the canine-human bond.

8. Ravensburger At the Dog Park Jigsaw Puzzle – $17.99 Ravensburger puzzles are known for their quality and this 500-piece jigsaw is a great gift for bringing the family together over a common interest.

For the Fun-Loving Dog Lover

1. Varsity Pets Dog Toy – $42.99 This toy is so durable it is said to be 110% indestructible. An excellent choice for the voracious chewer or fanatical fetcher!

2. Kong Classic Dog Toy – $6.79 The Kong is an iconic dog toy for a reason: they’re nearly indestructible, they bounce all over the place when they’re thrown, and they can be stuffed with something delicious. A toy-appreciating doggo can never have too many Kongs.

3. Bark Box – $35.00 A subscription service just for dogs, Bark Box delivers fun and tasty dog treats and toys right to your desired door each month. Gift a trial of one or three months to let your chosen recipient decide if they’d like to continue the subscription.

4. Bake-A-Bone Dog Treat Maker – $34.99 Think of this as a waffle-maker for dogs. This nifty contraption makes it easy to bake your own special dog treats right at home. A super-fun gift for the particularly dedicated pet parent!

5. Wet Noses All-Natural Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats – $22.67 Dogs love treats no matter what time of year it is, so a five-pound box of organic peanut butter banana snacks are sure to please when they’re sniffed out from under the Christmas tree.

6. Dog Lover Adult Coloring Book – $8.99 Coloring books are a joy regardless of age of the artist. Give this dog-centric coloring project as a stocking stuffer or a thoughtful creative outlet. Bonus points if you pair it with a nice set of colored pencils or nostalgic crayons.

7. How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language – $9.06 This is technically a kids’ book, but is arguably just as useful for new dog owners (and likely good entertainment for seasoned masters). How to Speak Dog is a National Geographic book all about how dogs communicate. Bark once for yes.

What are your gift ideas?

Do you have a gift idea for your dog or another dog lover? Let us know about it in the comments.

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