5 Dog Breeds That Are Losing Popularity

It seems to be that dog breeds come and go. A movie with a dog as a main character may spark a surge in people adopting that breed. Sometimes an internet streaming camera of a breed of puppies or a favorite musician or movie star who owns a particular breed may influence the adoption rates of that breed.

However, some breeds may be losing popularity. According to Dr. Marty Becker, there are 5 breeds that he doesn’t see as often anymore and misses them. Each breed has wonderful qualities.

5 Breeds That Are Losing Popularity

  1. Irish Setters: an active breed that is a great hunting companion and gets along with children and other pets. They may want to hunt small pets, though, so… but they have silky coats, an average life span of 11 to 13 years, and are loyal and loving.

    Image from Animal Planet
  2. Scottish Terriers: strong-willed, determined, and sometimes stubborn but can also be cuddly and silly. They have hair instead of fur so they are great dogs for people who may have allergies to pet dander. Scotties are playful. Be aware that their terrier nature makes them hunters and they might go chasing that chipmunk through your neighbors’ yards regardless of how much training you’ve instilled.

    Image from Not In The Dog House
  3. Collies: great family dog, wonderful companions, and highly intelligent make the collie a great family dog. Yet, their size and maintenance of their fur may be a turn off to some people. Collies are active and agile. They are a herding dog and love their families. In fact, if you’ve ever owned a collie you might find that your children are “herded” into the center of the backyard and your collie is watching/guarding them.

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  4. Brittany: active and agile are two words to describe this breed. Originally bred as a hunting dog, the Brittany breed is great for active families and are easy to train. Their sensitive nature means you may never have to harshly correct them while teaching them manners. Compact in size they are easy to take on vacation with you and their fur is easy to maintain.

    Image from Bib.ge
  5. Cocker Spaniels: little bird dogs who are sweet, small, and loyal to their families have definitely lost popularity. I used to see many more of them when I was a kid. They are outgoing, active, playful, and do have a hunting nature. They are great companions and will gladly go on adventures.

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Are you owned by one of these breeds? Tell us what makes them extra special!

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