5 Geeky Pet Products

There are cats and dogs on Twitter, Facebook pages for our beloved pets, and social networks and groups dedicated to pet lovers to meet and talk about our most amusing parrot we ever owned or the best ways to keep a fish tank clean. So why not show our techie side by getting products for our pets? There are several great iphone and android pet apps for us to use that store medical information, emergency contacts, and other data. But what about accessories?

Here are 5 geeky pet products that our pets can wear in style:

Twitter inspired dog color in blue or purple – let your friends and neighbors know that your dog has a twitter account with this heavy duty nylon webbed collar. It comes in ¾ or 1 inch width and you can choose blue or purple. There is a D ring for attaching tags and the leash. The collar is made by hand which means no two items are identical. A portion of the sale of the collars goes to pet organizations that the seller donates to. There is also a matching leash that comes in 4, 5, or 6 ft lengths.

Hartz Angry Birds Gone Crazy Cat Toy – Rovio created an addictive game that took over the smartphone and ipad world by storm a few years ago. Angry birds had many of us testing our slingshot skills as we tried to beat up the pigs and get back the eggs they stole. Now, your cat can also play. These angry bird inspired ping pong balls are fun colors and a great toy for your cat. Perfect for playing indoors.

Maybe it’s not your cat that cares about Angry Birds but your dog. If that’s the case, try these Angry Birds inspired plush toys with squeakers – each package has 5 characters from the game in two sizes. These toys are not made for bigger dogs who may be able to tear the plush toys open in one bite. Small dogs will enjoy tugging, gnawing, and playing with these angry birds till the squeakers are either destroyed or they’ve removed them as dogs often like to do.

QR Code pet tags – a smart tag for your pet as they romp around. Instead of having your name, number, and your pet’s name on a tag you can have a QR code instead. One side has the code and the other side can have a 3d charm. The tags are available in several colors and sizes. There is even a downloadable application that you place on your smartphone that can be used to read the code and update the information as needed. If your pet is lost, this can be another way to get her back to you aside from microchipping and rabies tags.

LIKE or LOATHE catnip toys – Don’t you sometimes wish Facebook had a thumbs down option? The problem is you may unintentionally insult or hurt your friends’ feelings. But your cat doesn’t care. In fact, your cat wants to just play. Here are two felt toys that your cat will love and will show her feelings about Facebook. Each toy is handmade from a wool blended felt and features a thumbs up and thumbs down. Each is about 4 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.


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