5 Items That Are Dangerous To Pets

Our homes have cleaners, medications, and other items that are needed but can be dangerous to our pets. We can be as careful as humanly possible and still our dog might find that one piece of chocolate that fell on the floor when making cookies or your cat found that Easter lily that you swore you put on a shelf she couldn’t reach. It happens. Wonder what other items might be dangerous for your pet? Here are 7 items we all have that can harm our pets.

5 Items That Are Dangerous to Pets

Acetaminophen – Tylenol and other medications that help relieve our headaches can hurt the lives of our dogs. Cats are also incredibly sensitive to acetaminophen. The safety bottle caps help keep cats out of the medicine but dogs might grab the bottle and chew on it, breaking it open. Make sure you keep everyday drugs like aspirin in the medicine cabinet or in a drawer that your pets can’t open.

Batteries – My pets never played with batteries but I’ve had friends who have had puppies that grabbed them and run through the house like it’s a game. The chemicals that are in batteries can create burning ulcers in the mouths of dogs and cats if they eat, lick, or break them. Keep the batteries somewhere where your pets can’t reach them. If your pet has a bad habit of chewing on the remote controls, put them away when not in use.

Laundry Detergent – Laundry soap and fabric softener can cause ulcers in the mouth and stomach in dogs and cats. The little new laundry pods which are great for washing are bad for pets. Keep the laundry detergent in a cabinet or in the laundry room with the door closed.

Household Cleaners – Bleach, drain cleaners, window cleaner, and other items are poisonous to pets. When mopping, keep the pets out of the room until the floor is dry and make sure to rinse all cleaners off counters and out of sinks. Many of the cleaners can create problems in the stomach and esophagus of pets.

Windshield Wiper Fluid – Summer means dead bugs smacking into your windshield when you drive and that means more wiper fluid to clean them off. Keep the wiper fluids away from your pets. The ingredients in the fluid can cause low blood sugar in your pets and drunken walking in dogs and cats. All car fluids should be safely put away to prevent your pets from ingesting them accidentally.

Image from Coral Springs Animal Hospital

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