5 Reasons NOT to Give A Rabbit As An Easter Present

While the roots of Easter are religious, the Easter Bunny has become a widely known symbol of the holiday. He is believed to bring candy and small gifts to children or, traditionally, Easter eggs. Similar to Santa Claus, children anticipate an Easter basket full of good yummy treats and maybe some fun presents. Children also sometimes want a bunny as a gift. Especially when Easter rolls around.

As cute and soft as many rabbits are, giving them as gifts (or any pet) is never a good idea. The whole family needs to be in agreement when bringing a new pet into the home and understand the level of responsibility and care associated with the pet. Rabbits can live up to 10 years and older, need yearly vet checks, and may have dietary needs that require extra TLC, just like a cat, dog, or any other pet.

Here are 5 reasons to not buy rabbits as Easter presents

  1. Rabbits are fragile and like being on the ground and can become injured if hugged too tightly or picked up fast by a child. If your child is too young to understand how to gently pet and handle a rabbit, it won’t be a fun pet. Rabbits startle easily as loud noises and may not bond the way the kids want it to with them. If you have a busy lifestyle and energetic children, a rabbit may not be the right pet for your house.
  2. Rabbits are not low-maintenance pets. They require proper housing, time to exercise and play each day, and a litter box. If your family cannot commit to giving a rabbit the time it needs to thrive, then consider a lower maintenance pet or waiting till everyone is ready.
  3. Children often lose interest in a pet as they grow older and the pet grows up. This means that the rabbit will be the responsibility of the parent (financially as well as mentally, physically, and emotionally). If you are not ready to take care of a rabbit, then don’t because it’s unreal to expect a child to completely care for a pet. I mean, come on, we can’t even always get them to wash their hands before dinner…
  4. Many of the rabbits at the pet store are overbred and may have health problems. Similar to why we urge you to not buy dogs and cats from pet stores, please do not buy a baby rabbit from one too. Overbreeding and poor breeding can mean very expensive vet bills.
  5. Rabbits are notorious for chewing on things. If you do not rabbit proof your house, your wires to your tv, cable box, stereo, and other devices may be chewed on and ruined. This can result in having to get new electrical wires or an injured rabbit. Don’t want to rabbit-proof your house? Don’t get a rabbit.

Each year many baby rabbits that are bought for Easter are given up and many end up in municipal shelters. Some end up in rescue groups like House Rabbit Connection and House Rabbit Society. If your family has decided they would like a rabbit as a pet, think about adopting and definitely research the care, time, and breed of rabbit that would work well for your house.

We love our pets, we love your pets, and we love when pets and people come together and stay together furever!

Thinking of Adopting a Rabbit? Here are a few sites of adoptable rabbits and educational information!

And remember you can always search Petfinder for animals needing new homes.

Have a safe, fun, and happy Easter!

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