5 Super Smart Dog Breeds

Dogs are smart. We have all seen our dogs and other dogs do something amazing like figure out how to open the fridge or guide a disabled person. We’ve seen dogs do search and rescue and other dogs be able to learn 100s of words for items around a house and be able to retrieve them. According to vets, trainers, and other professionals, some breeds of dogs have excelled and shown high intelligence when it comes to their own wants, needs, and training.

Here are 5 super smart dog breeds:

1: Doberman Pinscher – A medium, strong, muscular dog that also is smart and can retain commands, easy to train, and has often been used as a working dog for law enforcement agencies. The doberman loves to work and is loyal and fearless but can also be docile and be a therapy dog. They are observant of the people and environment and quickly process and can react to any given situation.

2: Golden Retriever – A popular family dog breed because of their patience, loyalty, and affection but also because of their intelligence. Retrievers are hunting dogs and are quick to retrieve fowl but also are rescue dogs, guide dogs, and used by law enforcement agents. The breed is easy to train and retains large amounts of commands, words, and love to work.

3: Poodle – The poodle comes in a variety of sizes and color. Their haircut is distinct with its fluffy tufts of fur on the ankles, tail, and head to keep those parts of the body warm. Poodles are highly intelligent and can be trained as guard dogs, agility training, herding, and are extremely obedient. They can problem solve how to open a gate, door, or toy chest to go where they want, get what they need, or retrieve an item you ask them to get. They are also great companions.

4: German Shepherd – A strong, intimidating looking, and loyal dog that is one of the smartest dog breeds around. They are often employed in law enforcement and military and as guard dogs. They love to have a job and can learn various tasks and interpret instructions better than many other breeds. They are courageous and bond very strongly with their family which can make them a great family pet.

5: Border Collie – This dog has a reputation as being the best sheep herder. Border collies are known for their speed, agility, and obedience. They can learn new tricks and commands quickly and love to work alongside people. They are great family pets but need a lot of exercise and stimulation or else they will get bored.


5 thoughts on “5 Super Smart Dog Breeds

  1. totally agree about the german shepherd,proud owner of one ,they are very smart and protect their family , approachable but with caution.

  2. my mixed breed black lab/border collie is brilliant show him something 2/3 times and he learns it. works as a therapy dog and reading dog in elementary schools. had many dogs none so smaty and eager to please.

  3. As the owner of a Golden, I know they are sweet, kind and gentle, but also very intelligent, and figure things out for herself. Very trainable, and anxious to please

  4. Can’t believe Shelties weren’t at the top of the list. I had “Michelle” for almost 15 years and that dog was almost a mind reader. I don’t remember having to teach her any of the basics and if I did want her to learn something she picked it up immediately. While she could be mischievous at times she was absolutely obedient and she always sensed how I was feeling and if I was down she was alway there for me. I can’t imagine any breed being move loving, intelligent, courageous, or beautiful than Michelle was.

  5. I’m surprised Bichon Frises aren’t up, my past Bichon I used to have, was very mischievous, crafty, and he would do the sharpest ideas he could come up with to get what he wants without barking or begging. Very easy well trained dog, small of his size to be a guard or watch dog but very alert about strangers.

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