5 Techy Gadgets for Pet Owners

Most of us have smartphones and other gadgets that are supposed to make our lives a little easier, a little faster, and also keep us connected to our friends. Many of them keep us connected to our friends and allow us to instantaneously share a moment or a thought without skipping a beat. For us pet owners, there are gadgets and applications that we can use to keep track of our pet’s health, our pet’s day to day activities, and socially share their cuteness. We looked around and found some techy gadgets that help us take better care of our pets and ourselves.

Here are 5 Great Gifts for the Techy Pet Owner

  1. The K-Rosco Dog Walking Utility Jacket – If Batman had a jacket and dog to walk, he’d use this jacket. It has pockets that are specially lined for treats, doggie bags, and a waist belt that allows you to clip your dog’s leash to it for hands free walking or a jog. It’s also waterproof, wind-resistant, and comes in several colors.
  2. The Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer – No batteries are needed for this cat toy. It’s powered by the sun! Stick it to a window or near a good light source and when the solar cells are bathed in the sunlight, the motor starts up which moves the wand back and forth. Your cat will go bonkers!
  3. Bowlingual Dog Translator – Ever wonder what it is your dog really wants? Maybe it’s the cheese on the counter, a walk to the park, or a belly rub. Well, now you can know with this translator. It analyzes your dog’s bark to determine what emotion is being expressed. I’m not sure how accurate it is but it is sure to amuse us techy geeky pet owners.
  4. FitBark – A tiny little bone that attaches to your dog’s collar will collect information about your dog’s activities and send it to your phone. Are you trying to help your pup lose weight? Want to see the progress? FitBark will keep track of playtimes similar to how the Nike+ app for runners keeps track of mileage, time, and pace. It’s a cool invention that is still in its infancy.
  5. Dyson Groom – The ultimate tool for keeping your house free of fur! Dyson makes some great products that do what they say they do and look awesome at the same time. Brush your dog with this tool to remove dead fur, dander, and don’t worry about the piles of fur left on the floor. This is a vacuum and a brush in one!

Image from Scrumptious Care Blog

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