5 Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair

Pets are great. They reduce stress, make us laugh, and are family members that don’t ask to borrow the car. Pets can make us laugh when we’re feeling down or give us a purring hug or a wagging tail when we need it. But their hair can be a bit of a problem. It’s sometimes very easy to figure out who owns a pet, look for the fur stuck to their jacket or their pants. While there are plenty of reasons why we own pets and love them, it’s rare that someone lists “the hair stuck on everything” as one of them.

Here are 5 tips to clean up the pet hair in your house:

1: If your dog or cat has a favorite spot, consider placing a towel or old blanket down that they can lie on and you can wash or shake the fur off of periodically. If your pet stops laying there due to the new fabric, consider getting them a pet bed and coaxing them to lay on that. Many of them have zip off outer shells that can washed.

2: Vacuum frequently during the week to cut down on the amount of pet hair that gets caught in the carpeting.

3: Brush your pets regularly. During shedding season, your dog may need more brushing. To avoid having huge amounts of fur dancing through the house, brush your dog outside. For your indoor cat, brush him in a room that isn’t completely covered in carpeting or fabric like the kitchen or bathroom. I like to sit on the floor and brush my cats and then sweep up the fur that doesn’t get caught on the brush.

4: For pet hair on hardwood floors and other smooth surfaces, use those electrostatic mops and use dryer sheets. They don’t push the fur around.

5: For pet hair on clothing and furniture use the tape rollers and lint brushes. If your vacuum has various nozzles, see if there is a lint brush one and then you can remove the fur and have it be contained in the vacuum and not become a pile on the floor.


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