5 Tips to Reduce Dandruff

Cold weather and then dry heat in a house can cause dry skin on us and our pets. While there’s nothing we can do about the weather, we can deal with the dandruff that our pets have and help them not feel as uncomfortable.

Here are 5 tips for reducing dandruff:

  1. Regular grooming – regular brushing can help remove unwanted and loose pet fur, debris, and untangle knots on our cats and dogs. Brushing your pet also helps stimulate the skin and moves the natural oils that are pets have down the length of their fur and along their skin.
    A brush that is too soft won’t massage the skin or get through the layers of fur. A brush that is too stiff could actually irritate the skin. The best kind to use a brush with bristles that stand straight and have rounded edges. It needs to be strong enough to get through your pet’s fur but smooth enough to run along their skin and not scratch them. Regular grooming will also help cut down on hairballs, matting, and pet hair on your furniture and clothing.
  2. Moisturizers – Moisturizing sprays are available at many pet stores for your pet. Many are for helping keeping coats shiny and clean and some have special ingredients for soothing dry skin and locking in moisture. Comb it through their fur and your pet can smell fresh, feel good, and not be as itchy as she was.
  3. Baths – Bathing your pet can also soothe and remove dandruff. Using a shampoo that has moisturizers can reduce dry skin. Just be careful not to bathe your pet too often or during very chilly days. Wet fur and cold temperatures can make them very unhappy.
  4. Diet – If you cook for your pet, add a little more fish to the diet. Fish oil helps keep their skin well moisturized. There are even supplements that you can buy in your pet store that can be added to their meals. You’ll notice a difference in their fur, skin, and their skin will thank you for it.
  5. High Quality Pet Food – food that is high in quality improves their overall health including their skin. The amount of good fat that is in pet food helps their skin produce natural oils and keep their fur shiny and healthy. Check the ingredients on the food you buy and compare brands if you are considering changing your pet over to another kind. Talk to your vet if you’re unsure what brands, types, and ingredients would be best for your pet.

Image from Wattpad

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