5 Ways to Help Homeless Pets

We pet owners tend to have great compassion for animals and will support organizations and events that help animals that are looking for their forever homes. Sometimes, though, finding the time isn’t easy and sometimes seeing so many animals who are in need of a good home can be heart breaking and hard to do on a regular basis. We can give money but there are times when our budgets don’t allow for that. We can attend events but sometimes things like day to day chores, activities our children are involved in, and having time at home needs to take priority. So what can we do to balance it all?

Here are 5 simple ways to help animals in need:

1: Have a Facebook account? You can “like” the organizations and rescue groups that you like and help let your friends know that they exist. It can spread awareness and sometimes some companies will donate to a charity that has a certain number of “likes.”

2: Cleaning out your closets? Any old towels, blankets, and pillows can be used by shelters. If you have some toys that your cat or dog just never likes to play with or food that they don’t care for, donate it! It’ll be put to good use by your local shelter.

3: If you’re shopping online for gifts or just to replace something broken, take a few minutes and check out theanimalrescuesite.com. There are items for sale there for your pets but you can also click a button to “give” to organizations. Site sponsors donate food to shelters with each click received.

4: If you have a little time, volunteer. You can help socialize cats in a shelter or take a dog for walk once a week. If you have space in your home, get in touch with a rescue organization and consider fostering a furry friend till she finds her forever home. Often times, you’re not asked to adhere to a strict schedule but they will ask for a certain number of hours a month and may want certain times or days to balance the time and attention the animals receive.

5: Sign petitions that support causes you believe in. If you are on twitter or Facebook, follow a few of the groups you like such as the ASPCA and sign the petitions that help create laws to protect animals or pass ordinances to make living with pets safer, better, and improve their well-being.


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