6 Amazing Aquariums For Your Home

Having pets means sometimes your house isn’t as nice as you’d like it to be, from trampling footprints to items that are necessary to keep your pets happy, the decor can take a “hit.” Aquariums are beautiful with the scenery and fish you have in it but many of them are pretty plain on the outside. The standard rectangle or bowl shape with a light or black plastic top are standard for aquariums but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are some amazing designs out there for those of us who want style and functionality for our fish.

Here are 6 great aquariums

Wall Mount Fish Bowl

This bowl measures about 10 inches in diameter and screws into the wall with an opening at the top to feed and clean the tank. It holds about a gallon of water and can accent a plain wall in any house.

Bubble tank

It’s often the fish that are the focal point of an aquarium but with this cool fish bowl, your friends will be sure to turn their heads. Place this tank on your end table, desk, or anywhere that it can sit on the edge. The tank is handblown glass and looks amazing anywhere!

Molten Sculptural Bowl

This fish bowl has a base made from the gnarled root of a garnal tree. The glass is handblown and sits perfectly in the roots. It gives an earthy feeling and can compliment your room and because of the uniqueness of the roots, each piece will be different.

Modern Cactus Fishbowl

This very minimal designed fishbowl is great for showing off plants and your fish. It’s a modern design that holds about a liter of water and is stylish while being practical.

End Table Aquarium

Practical and beautiful are two words to describe this aquarium where your fish can swim happily and you have some surface space. It rests on a black acrylic pedestal and holds 15 gallons.

Labyrinth Aquairum

Want your fish to be the centerpiece in your room? Then this aquarium is the one for you. It’s made of several bowls with glass tubes that allow you to have separate worlds and designs in each section. Your fish can swim from section to section. Your fish might have a fancier home than you!

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