6 Funny Videos of Musical Pets


There have always been talent shows for us to show the community and now the world our hidden ability to play an instrument, dance, or sing. But what about our pets? Some of our pets are also performers in the making.

Don’t believe me? Well, check out these 6 amazing videos of musical pets from YouTube!

Gwen Stefani would be proud of this husky singing along to The Sweet Escape:



These two dachshunds do not like pop music. They prefer piano ballads:



This beagle could be the next Rufus Wainwright with his sad love song:



Some dogs experiment with new sounds, such as, crooning to Blackberry ringtones:



A very moving aria sung by a very cultured and mature greyhound:



This welsh terrier must have had a broken heart and needed to express it by singing along to Patsy Cline:



And this cat is practicing for the next time:


Image from GoodWP.com


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