6 Potty Training Tips

Potty training a new puppy can be a tough task and take some time. Puppies seem to “go” in the wrong place a lot before they “get it” and know that the backyard or being on a walk is the right place to go. There are a number of tips and tricks that can help you and your pup get on the same page when it comes to potty time.

From all the research and methods out there that talk about how to train your pup, here are 6 tips that seem to be the most commonly talked about:

1. Always feed your puppy on a regular schedule and remove his water bowl just before bed time. This will help place him and his body on a schedule and get his potty times on a schedule.

2. Puppies normally want to relieve themselves soon after feeding, sleeping, playing and confinement. Always bring him to the potty area after naps, playtime, training, crating, and a few minutes after a meal. Use positive reinforcement and praise him when he goes potty.

3. Confine him to an area where you can monitor him to prevent accidents and reward desired behaviors with treats and or praise when you’re out together. In the backyard, show him the right place to go and don’t let him think he can pee your newly planted flowers or vegetable garden.

4. When you see your puppy sniffing and running around in circles this is his clue to you that it is time, bring him outside to potty immediately or to the designated area in the yard you have for him.

5. Give your dog a command to help him understand it is potty time such as, “Go potty,” “Do your business,” or “Get Busy.”

6. When he is doing his potty business you should always praise and reward after he is finished.


3 thoughts on “6 Potty Training Tips

  1. ‘Good advice. At times it feels like a losing battle but they do “get it” in the end. The weather has a lot to do with it. It is SO much easier to train a puppy in good weather!! :)

  2. Awewsome, Great job Kathy. I like your style. I have a 5 page potty training program free on my website that takes people step by step through potty training. It hits all the things you mentioned, plus a little more detailed procedure for helping to keep accidents from happening indoors. You are welcome to use it if it will help anyone. All I care about are the dogs. I have no ego.


  3. I have a new puppy that we adopted at about 3 months old. I take her out several times a day, in the morning, after she eats, walking and playing at least twice a day, and several times before the evening. She’s good at night, no accidents in the crate and she’s even wined one night to let her out. She had to definitely go. I have praised her and given her treats, but she still has accidents inside. We have only had her about a week, so I know I still have a lot more training to do. I have also noticed in the morning she will not go potty outside unless you go outside with her. My husband and I have made that mistake each once. Any comments or suggestions?

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