6 Videos of Demented Pets – Or Are They Really Geniuses?

The daily grind can stress us all out. One of the benefits of owning a pet is that they can help us remember to slow down and enjoy the moment. Pets also make us laugh.

Sometimes they make us wonder if they are demented.

If your day has been a little tough, take a few minutes and watch these dogs and cats try out new toys, explore new places, and you be the judge if they are demented or a genius.

This kitten saw the hamster do it and thought it might be fun.

This cat has been working on his figure with a new kind of Diet.

This bulldog really likes his box butโ€ฆ it’s a bit too small.

Nom nom nom! A banana!

Winston is displeased when someone takes his bananas.

I have mornings like this sometimes. This little puppy just can’t get up.

Does your pet have any weird quirks like these ones do? Tell us!

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