Dog Parks in Portland

Portland is a wonderful place for dog owners as well as visitors. Oregon is famous for its greenery, nature and endless beauty, and the city of Portland is not short of this. Whether you enjoy evergreen trees, trails or rivers, there are very many options for you an your dog to enjoy your vacation.

Forest Park

Forest Park is the largest park in Portland, with over 5,000 acres. It is accessible by bike, car or bus through many parts of the West side of the city. It is a nature lover’s paradise, with over 112 bird and 62 mammal species. Since the park is shaded by a canopy of trees, it is great to go here on sunny days and hike around the trails. Make sure to check out the trail map, because it is easy to get lost here. Dogs are allowed on leash.

dog-taborMt. Tabor

Mt Tabor is an extinct Volcano park, complete with many trails up to the summit that has beautiful views of downtown Portland and Mt Hood on a clear day. There is an off-leash dog area under some beautiful pines.

Gabriel Park

This is a nice neighborhood park in Portland that has over 90 acres. There are restrooms, skateparks and sports fields. There are trails but also an off-leash dog area.

Cathedral Park

This is a pretty little park right on the Willamette River and under the Saint John’s Bridge. There are many grassy fields and picnic tables, as well as drinking fountains. Dogs can go off leash at certain hours, and can go swimming in the river. You can walk across on the dock and watch the boats go by.

Burlingame Park

This is a cute, small park of 4 acres, with nice trees and paths. It is popular for the neighborhood to bring their dogs here. Dogs


much be on leash.

Waterfront Park

Located right downtown, this park goes along the Willamette River and under the many bridges of Portland. There are grassy fields as well as a path that goes along the river. It is very popular and can get rather crowded, especially on nice days, weekends and during events. There are fountains as well as historical monuments. Dogs must be on leash.

North Clackamas Central Park

This park is located in the suburbs of Portland, in the border of Milwaukee and Clackamas. It has a nice creek and many grassy areas.

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