7 Dogs Who Dance Better Than We Do

With all the recent gossip and commentary regarding Miley Cyrus and her dance moves on the 2013 MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) and music video, I turned to Youtube to find something else to watch. She’s not the first singer who did something shocking. Remember Madonna rolling around on the floor in a wedding dress? Michael Jackson grabbing himself? Prince and his cutout pants? It’s not new. It’s just news.

Instead of watching footage of the VMAs, I found something else. Something better. Something fantastic. Animals who dance!

7 Dogs Who Can Dance – Really Dance

This dog puts Shakira to shame with his hips

Perfect dance partner

I think is a new dance called “the wiggle”

Who doesn’t love a dog dancing to Michael Jackson?

Aside from dancing, this dog also plays in a band

This is a dog’s version of “chair dancing”

Behind the scenes training

What moves does your dog know? Show us!

Image from Daily Picks and Flicks

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