7 Hilarious Cat Costumes for Halloween

Cats don’t dress up, or do they? Halloween candy, costumes for kids, and decorations are out in the stores. There are plenty of costumes for dogs. They don’t seem to be mind being in clothing. But what about cats? Do any cats like putting on a costume or finding their alter ego on Halloween?

7 hilarious Halloween costumes for cats

Shark Cat

If your cat has a tendency to slink around and you can only ever see the tail as she walks around, why not make it funnier and dress her up as a shark for the day!?

Hairy Potter

For all of us sci-fi/fantasy fans out there, show your love of Harry Potter with your cat. I can’t guarantee the hat will stay on for long but he’ll sure look adorable with it. Take pics!


I had a cat that liked to play catch with me. I would throw a ping pong ball to him and he’d catch it (sometimes) between his paws and then bat it back to me. Sometimes he’d just watch it roll away and then wash his face. But for your cats that do like to play baseball, this is perfect.

Bee Cat

Remember the song by Blind Melon and video of all the people dressed as bees? I think someone should redo it with bee cats. Lots of bee cats. If anyone dresses their cat up as a bee for Halloween, please share it with us. We’d love to see it.


If your cat likes to romp and run, this is the perfect costume for him. Watch the little mouse buck back and forth as your cat zooms through the house.

Classy cat

For your more mature and formal cat, there’s a tie and collar that he can wear for Halloween. Why not greet the trick or treaters in style?


My cats like fish and try to get my tuna rolls. If they weren’t horribly offended by clothes I’d prob dress them both up as rolls.

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