7 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pet

Every New Year’s we make resolutions. We make promises to ourselves to improve our lives, our habits, and how we care for ourselves and those around us. It’s like a fresh start to developing new habits. So what about the resolutions towards our pets? Maybe this past year was hectic and you didn’t get to take as many hikes as you wished you did with your furry buddy, or maybe your cat had one too many hairballs and could have used more brushings and nail trims, or maybe you have done a great job and just want to promise to keep it up!

Here’s 7 resolutions you can make for your pet:

  1. Protect the chompers: Does your pet have morning breath but it lasts ALL DAY? Might be time to start developing better habits of cleaning those teeth. If your vet recommends a good cleaning, go for it. Feb is national pet dental month and many vets are offering discounts to help us pet owners afford the proper dental care for our furry family members.
  2. Preventative care: Even though your pet might be acting and looking 100% a yearly visit to the vet will make sure your pet is doing well and catch any signs of problems early on. This will make sure your buddy is taken care of and happy.
  3. Move that body: We can all use some more movement in our days. Take longer walks with your pup and shake it up. Make a resolution to go for at least a 30 min walk twice a day or a 15 min jog with your dog. Get that chubby cat fit by playing for at least 5 minutes a day. A physically stimulated pet is often a happier pet and healthier.
  4. Make sure all poisons are out of reach: Take a look around your place, if there’s any toxic chemicals get them out of sight, out of reach, and out of the way of your pets and children. Make sure all cabinets close well, that spills in the garage are cleaned up, and all medications are safe in the bathroom cabinet.
  5. Battle boredon: If your dog is social and loves to play with other dogs, think about enrolling her in a dog daycare where she can go play for a few hours a week. If your cat is becoming a bed hog and sleeping more, playing less, and shedding like it’s her job, cut down on the portions of food a little and try to get her to play a bit more. Teaching your dog new tricks stimulates them mentally and increases the bond between you two.
  6. More TLC: How about some more grooming sessions to keep the fur shiny, remove dead fur, and keep the skin from getting dry and icky?! A trip to your dog’s groomer for a fresh wash, cut, and primp may be in order if it’s been a while. Make a resolution to spend a little more TLC on your pets to make sure they are clean and that there are less hairballs, less dog hair on your bed, and less dry skin that can make them itchy.
  7. ID: Don’t forget to update that information on their microchips, keep your current phone number on their tags, and to make sure they have ID on them at all times. Also, many humane organizations have stickers that you can place in your window that lets your local fire and police know that there are pets inside in case of an emergency.
  8. Image from PoshPuppyBoutique.blogspot.com


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