7 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Dog

Thinking of adding a new pooch to the place? Not sure if you can deal with the puppy stages again? An adult dog is a great choice if you’re thinking of expanding your family. Even if you already have a dog, an adult dog makes a great addition to your home.

Here’s 7 Reasons an adult dog makes a great new pet:

  1. There’s no guessing – what you see is what you get. They are full grown, their fur is completely grown in, and their personality is established. You will know what commands to teach or reteach and what issues or problems you’ll need to work on together as your forge that bond with your new adult dog.
  2. Easier to train than a squirmy puppy – older dogs focus better than puppies and are calmer. Training sessions can be fun for both of you and also less irritating. Plus, the years that the adult dog already has under his belt of reading people and being around him makes it easier for him to figure what you’re asking for and what you want him to do. He also can figure out how to get that treat faster than a puppy who may just jump around and then scoot away.
  3. Adult dogs need less supervision – adult dogs tend to already have some manners, are mature, and any behavior issues they have are usually noted when you adopt them. If they are crate-trained, then they already know to stay clean in the crate and will relax. If they are destructive, you’ll have an idea of what to keep out of the dog’s reach. Plus adult dogs will fall into the routine of your house faster because they are happy to be in a home again.
  4. No puddles on the floor – A good number of adult dogs are house-trained from their previous homes. They also may not have the need to chew like a puppy because they aren’t teething. Even if your new adult dog isn’t house-trained they can be trained very quickly to learn.
  5. Adult dogs make good companions for older people – Some people may not get a new dog or a second dog because of the energy level of a young dog compared to the energy level of themselves. An adult dog can be a great companion for an older adult who is looking for a buddy to talk nice slow walks with and an adult couple who can’t run the 4 hour marathons on the weekends anymore.
  6. Adult dogs like to chill – They aren’t necessarily couch potatoes but they are calmer than puppies and don’t often require the same amount of exercise as a growing dog. Adult dogs and senior dogs need exercise but they don’t always want or need to run around for hours on end. A few nice long walks and some TLC can almost guarantee a dog that sleeps soundly through the night.
  7. You’ll make an adult dog happy! – Many adult dogs are at your local shelters and rescues. They often are in great shape, good health, and have many years left in them to love and be loved. In some cases you may be saving a life and in other cases, you may be finding a new best friend.

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4 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Dog

  1. We have never had a puppy for all the reasons listed above. Also never had a purebred. We just love dogs. We only have 3, I’d have more, but 3 is about right for two older adults.

  2. On July 5, 2010, we adopted a 6 year old Havanese at our local shelter. Our 14 year old Lhasa Apso (also a rescue dog that we adopted at age 8) was failing and my wife didn’t want to be without a dog in the house so we adopted while the older dog was still around. As fate would have it, Mandy, the Lhasa Apso went over the ‘rainbow bridge’ last Saturday, but Molly, the Havanese, was right there to fill in for her. Both dogs qualified for the ‘seniors for seniors’ program and have been a joy to us. No more puppies!!

  3. I adopted an adult puppy mill dog 6 1/2 years ago. I wanted an adult dog for all the reasons listed above. She’s one of the best decisions I ever made in my life; energetic enough for good long walks, but calm enough to like to lay on the couch to watch some TV with me.

    I haven’t regretted my decision for a second, and I’ve talked to others about adopting adult shelter dogs.

  4. We’ve had puppies mostly throughout our life. There sure is a lot of work raising a dog from the puppy stage. Our last 2 pups were Giant Schnauzers. The first one lived till he was 5 and the last one till he was 8. We certainly thought we were cheated, but my wife and I agree they were the best of times. After our last one, Buddy passed, we were certain not to go through it again. The pain of losing them is incredible and to go through all that training was simply mind boggling.
    Well, just 6 weeks after Buddy passed, our dog trainer, Steve, called and wanted us to look at a dog at the rescue where he volunteers. My wife and I weren’t sure, but my adult daughter pushed me and off we went to see this dog. Gina fell in love with this dog that looked more like a goat than a dog. I must say that I was really impressed by his behavior and he certainly was a lover boy. A good grooming and he will look perfect. The Rescue told us he was between a year and a half and 3 years old. My wife came to see him the next day and almost passed up on him because it was too close to Buddy’s passing. Well, two days later Archie was in our house.
    It was really strange because just as the article above stated, what you see is what you get and we got a calm, well trained boy who was anxious to please. We brought him to our vet who took such good care of our Buddy giving him three more years of quality life to be surprised when she declared that Archie was only one year old. When she examined him, the tooth next to his canine was just coming in. Well I really must say that we are so happy with this addition to our family. Our vet said to my wife that she was so happy that we rescued this boy, and my wife replied, we didn’t rescue him, he rescued us.
    Archie is a pure delight. We avoided all those puppy situations that may be cute, but sometimes destructive. I remember putting child guard locks on all the kitchen cabinets to keep Buddy out. The laundry closet had to be locked at all times. A small fence at the entrance of the pool to keep him out when he wasn’t suppose to be in the pool. Oh yes, I’d give up so much to have that time back with him, but some how I feel like I am cheating with such a well behaved Archie.
    I once said that Buddy was Boccie sent, but I know Archie was sent to us by Buddy as a reward for taking such good care of him when he needed it.
    If your thinking of adding a dog to your family, don’t be afraid of adding an adult dog. They bring as much love as a puppy and maybe even more because they want your love and care so much more.