7 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Awesome Pets

Thinking about a getting a small pet that you and your family can love, play with, and doesn’t take up much space? Then say hello the guinea pig! They are social animals that like attention and do well in pairs. They are known to bond with their owners and have been known to love being cuddled and coo with delight. Need more reasons?

Here are 7 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Awesome Pets

  1. They don’t need a lot of supplies, just a basic setup of hay, pellets, and a tunnel in a good size cage where they can walk around and everything fits nicely.
  2. They love to exercise and romp. Take them out of their cage for about an hour a day and let them play and explore. A small area like a hallway or even a bathroom is big enough for them to get mental stimulation and physical exercise.
  3. They don’t need crazy expensive toys! Something as simple as a tube that once had paper towels on it is awesome to them. Small ping pong balls can provide a fun game of chase.
  4. Guinea pigs are clean animals and don’t often need baths. You might want to brush them if they have long hair and to remove some hay and debris from their fur but bathing isn’t necessary and can cause them to catch a cold.
  5. They speak to you and react to your actions. Guinea pigs have adorable vocalizations such as grunts, purrs, coos, chirps, and squeaks. If they see you bringing them their favorite treat you can be sure you’ll hear some delight in the form of one of these sounds.
  6. They love vegetables and need lots of leafy greens and vitamin C. It’s a diet that is easy to maintain and may remind you to eat more vegetables!
  7. They like being indoors and won’t try to dart out the front door. Play time is safe, clean, and easy with these little guys.

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