7 Reasons You Need a Pet

Having a pet helps reduce stress, can keep us in shape, and counter loneliness. If you have been thinking of getting a pet or haven’t had one for a few years. Here’s 7 reasons you need to make 2016 the year you get a pet:


  1. Companionship – loneliness can be tough and may lead to depression that be hard to pull out of alone. A dog or cat can help you stay focused on being present and keep you company in those late night hours of watching netflix.
  2. Routine – pets keep you on a routine and bring structure to your life. Don’t want to get out of bed? Feeling blue? Nursing a heartbreaking breakup? It’d be easy to stay in bed all day and shut out the world, but a pet helps you remember that you have to slowly move forward.
  3. Exercise – having a pet that pushes you to go outside, like a dog, can benefit your health. Regular walks with your dog are a great way to help you stay in shape.
  4. Meet new people – if you and your dog head to the dog parks, you may meet new people who also have a furry best friend. Some of these acquaintances could turn into friendships, for you and your pup.
  5. Protection – dogs can serve as a security system for your house. They tend to bark at strange sounds, strangers who approach the door, and anything that seems “off.” Cats, while they don’t bark, may sometimes turn to a sound that seems unfamiliar and alert you to something too.
  6. Taking care of something – waking up and taking care of your pet fish, bird, ferret, cat, guinea pig, or dog gives you a sense of responsibility and can help you stay on track when life is just… annoyingly stressful. It can be very satisfying to take care of another creature and remember that it’s not just about bills and taxes.
  7. Less stress – petting a dog or cat, holding a ferret, playing with a hamster can reduce stress. You focus on your pet for a few minutes and just forget about all the other crap you gotta do. Having a pet that looks forward to you coming home, wants to play, and likes your company can make a world of difference.

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