7 Thanksgiving Tips: Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

As we pet owners rush around this weekend for groceries for Thanksgiving, remember to take some extra precautions for our pets to keep them safe and healthy. Holidays are always hectic and things like loud noises, lots of people, and the extra stress you exude can affect your pet. There are also other things you need to be aware of when celebrating a holiday and preparing a big meal for family and friends. The following tips should help keep you from making an emergency trip the vet or taking Max for a few extra trips to the backyard due to an upset belly.

1: Keep your pets out of the kitchen as you prepare Thanksgiving dinner. They may try to eat something that could cause them to get ill or may get burned by touching a hot stove or knocking something off the counter.

2: If you are cooling something on the counter like a pie or your big turkey, keep an eye on the kitchen door. The temptation to jump a baby gate or sneak through an open space to get to the smell of food might be too great for some pets. Supervise your pet if she’s a foodie or if you can’t, set her up in a room with the door closed and plenty of water, some bedding, and a toy or activity to keep her occupied.

3: Bones from turkey are not safe for your pet. Do not give them as treats. The shards can break and cut their throat or stomach.

4: Remember to keep sweets out of paw’s reach as well as alcohol and certain other vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

5: If your pet does not usually receive table scraps, Thanksgiving is not the time to start. Remind your guests to not give your pet any food from their plates as this can greatly upset their stomach.

6: Keep your pet from digging in the trash by taking it out to the garbage cans frequently. Any trimmed fat, bones, or other discarded food can lead to indigestion, loose bowels, and vomiting.

7: If you burn candles, watch out for wagging tails and acrobatic cats! They can accidentally knock a candle over or singe their fur. Do not leave any candles burning in a room unsupervised.

If you want to give your pet a treat for Thanksgiving, give them a new toy or a special treat. Even an extra long romp in the dog park or some extra play time can make your pet happy. They’ll stay healthy, won’t feel neglected, and will also have a good Thanksgiving!

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