7 Things To Do Before Bringing Home Your New Dog

Hooray! A new dog brings a lot of fun energy into the house and it’s awesome to have a buddy. Before you have the new furry friend running around the house there are a few things you should do to make sure it starts off right. You don’t want to end up having a dog that isn’t right for your family or energy level and find yourself tired and stressed. Here are 7 things you can do to help make sure you bring home the right dog for your house.

1: Do your homework on breeds and personality types. Granted the overview of a breed can be a generalization it gives you some idea of what to expect from a purebred dog or mix. Border collies are very active and will need a lot of exercise, puzzles, and time to keep them happy. Border collie mixes tend to also be high energy. If your house does not have the time or energy level to match, look for a breed or breed mix that better fits your lifestyle.

2: Stock up on supplies. Your pet will need a few things to be happy such as water and food bowls, a bed, a crate, leash, collar, toys, and a pet emergency kit. If you will be switching food from what she was eating, do it gradually by mixing the old brand with the new brand. This may mean having two bags of dog food open for a little bit.

3: Make sure everyone in your house is on board with having a dog. All the members of the family have to want the dog and be willing to take on the responsibilities with you. Who will do the 7am walk? Will everyone ask your new dog to sit and stay before feeding? Who will clean the yard? Will everyone use the same commands? Is she allowed on the couch?

4: Dog-proof your home. Tuck electrical cords away, get safety latches for the cabinets that contain poisonous chemicals. Keep those items that your dog could swallow off the floor. You might even want to get down on a dog level and look around to see with might tempt her to chew on.

5: Sign up for puppy classes. Obedience training can help bond your dog to you and the family, teach you techniques that you may not be aware of, and help your dog adjust to your house.

6: Make it legal. Register your pet with the county, get the tags and vaccines needed to make sure your dog is protected from viruses and diseases. License your dog as another way to make sure she is returned to you if she ever gets lost.

7: Find a vet and make an appointment. After adopting your new dog, a wellness exam is a good way to check and make sure she’s healthy or has any underlying issues that you’ll have to keep in mind. If you don’t have a vet, read reviews about them and ask your friends who have vets who they use and like. You’ll also want to buy heartworm and flea and tick medications when you bring her for her first checkup. Make this appointment soon after you bring her home. You may want make the appointment before you bring her home if it’s a place that is normally very busy.

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