7 Tips for Adopting A Rabbit

Long-eared Cat? or... Short-eared Rabbit?Rabbits are fast becoming a popular pet. There is more information available about how to care for them, what diet helps them stay healthy, and more vets have expanded their practice to rabbits, ferrets, and other small pets. They have strong personalities and can make wonderful pets.

If you are thinking of adopting a rabbit here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

1: Owning a rabbit requires the same commitment as owning a dog or cat. Do your homework about enclosures, toys, behavior, boredom, and diet.

2: When you first adopt and bring home your new friend, expect her to be timid but given some time, she’ll make herself at home.

3: Avoid wire-bottom cages and go for an enclosure that has a flat bottom with no holes or wire weaves. Their feet can get ulcerations from wire-bottoms. You may want to consider a dog crate or make your own enclosure.

4: Rabbit-proof your house before you let her explore the house. You don’t want her getting into the cabinets, chewing on wires, or lost in the basement.

5: A busy rabbit is a happy rabbit. Toys that she can chew on, roll around, and focus on will keep her stimulated.

6: Rabbits don’t need annual vaccines but they do need checkups. Budget for regular vet visits.

7: Remember that rabbits are need grooming, should be handled gently, and need their nails trimmed. Talk to the rescue organization or shelter that you are adopting from about handling and care. Ask them to show you how to handle a rabbit.

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One thought on “7 Tips for Adopting A Rabbit

  1. Bunnies also like baby toys and cat toys (especially if they click or jingle). Hang them from the top of their cage. Lots of fun!